Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Oh the Yarn!


Hey, Lexi here

Why is it that, when packing for anything, I spend more time picking out yarn than clothes? I’m leaving for college in five days. It took me a couple of hours to decide what to bring for clothes, yet I still don’t know what yarn to bring. I know I can always buy more yarn or have mom send me yarn from my stash, but I would rather not. I guess it doesn’t help that I have seven projects in progress (I had more but I went on a massive finishing spree). I’m currently working on:
One baby vest in Baby Cashmerino
Nicky Epstein’s felted cape from Wrap Style.
Full-Hexagon Spider Web Shall from Victorian Lace Today
Cascading Petal Scarf from Runway knits.
The Great American Aran Afghan
A cape for M made out of Cashmerino Bulky
The Lace and Cable wrap from Alter Knits
No to mention the bags of yarn to start numerous other projects. I seem to acquire new yarn every time I buy clothes.

I think our house is a giant magnet for yarn. Some comes from ebay and other yarn from stores. Don’t forget mom’s sock clubs. From what I can tell, compulsive yarn shopping is what happens to people when they learn how to knit. I think that Mom’s desire for yarn comes down to her attraction to all things fuzzy (which may explain the puppy she brought home last night).

My mom always says her job is to embarrass her children in public. She is good at it and sometimes buys obnoxious colors and patterns in an apparent attempt to annoy me. I really do think it is all about trying to embarrass me in the knitting community. Why else would you make a rainbow wool jacket or bright orange sock? Is anyone even capable of finding an outfit to match bright orange socks? I know I wouldn’t have a single thing to wear with neon orange socks.

Mom, Why do you knit what you do?


2 thoughts on “Oh the Yarn!

  1. I just found your blog and am SO enjoying it. Oldest Daughter will be doing the same thing next fall.

    Orange socks? Finding something to match orange socks is not a problem. Nothing, will match orange socks. I have 1 or 2 or maybe more pairs of handknt orange socks that I love, love, love. I do not try to match them to anything. They are what they are and the people who care ask about the yarn and the pattern and admire the work.

    Vacations are hard for me. I have a pretty set list of clothes/toiletries to bring along. The yarn? That takes WAY more time. You are not alone.

  2. You’ve got a cool beginning for your blog. My daughter leaves for her first year in 2 weeks. I think I’ll need a blog, too. By the way, I knitted a pair of orange socks that look like a calico cat. Since I teach school I decided to wear the school uniform colors (navy & white) over the last 5 years. Now everyone looks at my ankles before they even say hello. O:) Have fun in school.

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