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Socks Really Do Rock


Hi, it’s Maria.

I love knitting socks. I tried it several years ago and hated it. I made 2 inches of one sock. About a year ago, I tried again and loved it. When I heard about the second season of The Rockin Sock Club, I immediately decided to join. I was going to totally follow the directions and use every yarn with it’s corresponding pattern. I did the Inside Out socks and didn’t have any problem.

I loved the cables. Actually, I love anything with cables.

Then the second kit came. I loved the yarn. It had silk in it. The pattern and I didn’t play nice together. So I chose Hedera, a gorgeous pattern by the unbelievably talented Cookie A.

As you can see, this combination worked well together. I finished these socks the day the third shipment came. I pulled out my new yarn and was thrilled. As Lexi will tell you, I love bright colors, and was Firebird ever bright. Again, I didn’t love the pattern.

So this time I chose the River Rapid socks from sockbug. She has some really neat free patterns.

The pooling on these socks was rather strange, hence the name “Tie Dye Socks”. I love the heel though.

Maybe by now, you’ve realized that I don’t follow the directions very well. But I have totally enjoyed The Rockin’ Sock Club. The yarns are fabulous, and if I don’t love the pattern, I’ll chose something else. You won’t hear any whining from me. Well, maybe just a little. I think the yarn will ship next week and we’ll be on vacation. I think it shows a total lack of respect to make such gorgeous yarn sit in a small town post office for a week!

I’m really maybe going to use the pattern this month!!!

Oh, and Monday is college move in day for Lexi. It’s going to be 105 degrees!!! I hope I’m not in my Wicked Witch of the West mode, or I may melt.

Hey Lexi, is your car really half full of yarn?


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14 thoughts on “Socks Really Do Rock

  1. I love your Hederas. The Silkie yarn & the pattern didn’t work so well for me, either. My skein of the yarn just doesn’t want to be ANYTHING that I’ve tried (I attempted Monkeys, too!), so I’ll give the Hedera pattern a try. 😀 I’ve only done a couple rows of the Solstice Slip pattern, but we’ll see if I keep up with that one too. My Inside Outs are currently on the needles, but I have to knit the foot on 0s, and that? is taking forever. 🙂

  2. All of your Rockin’ Sock Club socks look great!

  3. Welcome to Blogland! your socks look great.

  4. I deviated from the second two patterns as well. Really like what you did with them and your knitting is beautiful.

  5. Hey, do you mind if I “steal” your idea and knit Hederas out of my silky STR??? All your socks look great!

  6. I love the silk yarn in the Hedera pattern. I tried the pattern from the club and didn’t like the way it fit or looked. Now I have a good idea of what to do with the yarn. Thanks!

  7. Gorgeous socks …. I, too, joined RSC this year … my first sock club. I did knit each of the patterns, but with my own modifications to fit my high instep. The Inside Outs went to my 26 yo daughter because they fit, but wouldn’t go over my instep … really didn’t want to frog more than I already had. The Solstice Slips were the ones I enjoyed knitting the most …. on ml so both were finished at the same time! No sss!

  8. Great job on the socks, in whatever pattern the yarn asked to be! (here from the RSC blog! 🙂

  9. Eunice has been telling us at DFWChicksWithSticks about your socks knitting and WOW!
    Yup, you are aone amazing sock knitter!

  10. oK – JUST LOVE the socks. They are awesome. Great job! I love those colors and the patterns – wow..
    I am making some socks for my DIL – but I don’t think they are nearly that pretty.
    again – great job. DON”T YOU LOVE STR?

  11. Great job on the socks. I am amazed at all the white in your skein. Mine did not have that much. I have not made the Grasshoppers yet.

  12. Prettiest silkie socks I’ve seen yet. I do love the Hedera

  13. Your socks are beautiful! I chose a different pattern for the silkie yarn as well. The Hedera pattern was a great choice! I used the River Rapids pattern for one of my RSC yarns from last year. I love that pattern. Good job on your blog. It looks great and your pictures are wonderful

  14. Your socks are simply beautiful; great choice of patterns for the yarns. I also made the Inside Outs as written and deviated from the next two patterns.

    I remember when my oldest son started college. Real mixed feelings at that time. On the one hand, you want them to have the experience and education and on the other, you hate to see them go!

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