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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Officially A College Knitter

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Hey, Lexi Here

Before I even touch on the subject of knitting, I have to brag on my aunt. She actually took this picture with Nikon.

Ok now, I knitted for my first time since I arrived at school. It’s been too long to not knit, and I miss my knitting buddy. It’s only been a week, but I do, I miss her. The rest of the family, I don’t know. I think I will have to visit one of the local yarn stores for one of their knitting nights, it’s not the same but I’ll take it. I never realized what a social thing knitting is. The pretty yarns and patterns involved, yeah I saw them right off the bat, but the fact that it bonds people… It caught me off guard. It is weird to always have been around a phenomenal knitter and everyone who came to her with advice, and then to have no one else who shares that. I think it will feel better to have someone knitting beside me.

Well here is the project that is currently being worked on:

As you can maybe see it is lace. In fact it is the Full hexagon spider web shawl from Victorian Lace Today this is the essential lace knitting book by the way, buy it. Back to the project at hand. It is INSANE ! By the time I am done I will have knitted 97,488 stitches, my last row will have 1080 stitches per round. Yep. I’m Crazy.

Tonight it a study and relax night. I have to read one 38 page book, one chapter for Fundamentals of Mass Media Communications, one chapter for Oral Communications, one chapter for Humanities, and I still haven’t gone to all of my classes yet! I know it isn’t all due Monday, in fact none of it is, but I need to get going on it. We know me and procrastination.

So mom, how was microbiology?


One thought on “Officially A College Knitter

  1. Thanks for the recognition, Lex. I do think it was a really good picture. And now I don’t have to feel so lame because I made the blog. 97,000+ stitches – that is nuts! Go study.


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