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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

She Misses Me?????


OK, did my college girl already admit that she misses me? I’m shocked. I thought it would take a while. Hallelujah!!!

Oh, yeah……you came for knitting. How about some more Socks that Rock? This is the pair that almost kicked my butt. The pattern is Pomatomus by the famous Cookie A.

I used Socks that Rock in Lemongrass. I’m not exactly sure if I used light or medium weight. These socks seemed to take forever.

I swore I’d never make them again, but I’ve been seeing more on Ravelry. I think these socks are like childbirth. They’re painful, but you forget. Oh, shoot……I have five kids. I may need to make 4 more pairs.

Oh, you want to know about the vacation? We’re in Nashville. It’s still almost 100 degrees. We’re going school shopping at the outlet mall today. Last night we went to the Gaylord Opryland for dinner. They have fountains that are lit and synched (how do you spell that???) to music. I think we’re going back tonight and I’m taking pictures.

Have you noticed by now that Lexi and I end our posts with a question to each other? You’re very observant!

Hey Lexi, how was Loops?


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9 thoughts on “She Misses Me?????

  1. The socks are gorgeous!

  2. I love the way your Lemongrass looks! Mine did a completely different striping/pooling combination.

  3. Your socks really look fabulous! My Lemongrass looked totally different, and yours really shows off the pattern stitches.

  4. That is just BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been too scared to try them!

  5. Great looking sock! Wonderful color and the pattern to show it off too! I am still working on the second sock of my first pair.

  6. They are beautiful!

    I’m curious — how long are the feet of these socks? I have large-ish feet, and I’m always afraid of running out of yarn with STR.

  7. your socks are beautiful!! i love the colorway in these socks. i wouldn’t have imagined they would look like that, based on the skein that i have. yummy!!

  8. Beautiful work on those socks! Just incredible. I have that pattern in my queu and I have some lightweight Lemongrass — I hope that’s what you used. The stitches to me looker finer than they would with the medium weight – so thsi is my guess. I’m truly inspired by your socks!!

  9. Oh my those socks are so pretty. I’ve heard enough horror story of the pattern that I just can’t bring myself to do them yet….

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