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We’re Going Camping!

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Hey, it’s Maria.

Help!!!  I’m drowning…… projects.

Here’s a list of things I want to complete this weekend.  (Read on after you’ve picked yourself off the floor laughing at this list!!!)

1.  Mystery Stole

2. August Socks that Rock socks

3.  Peacock Shawl

4. Kauni Project (I know I promised a blog post on this one.)

5.  Lady Eleanor Shawl

Can I do this all this weekend???  Not a chance.  Boy, is that a lot of blog fodder, because I haven’t told you about any of them.  My only problem is that you won’t see any of them finished for a long time, because I’m not even close to finishing one project.

Besides, we’re going camping this weekend.  We’re going with our Pastor and wife (my favorite sidekick), their four kids and dog.  Then we’ll add Honey, four of our kids and another dog.  Doesn’t that make you want to come too???  We have all these kids that are addicted to video games, computers, TV, etc.   And we’re going here…..

Do you think we have a problem???  If we tell the kids to go for a walk, they’ll look at us like we’ve grown two heads.  Don’t they know that’s what God gave them feet for?

Fortunately for us, the nights are supposed to be nice and cool.  Even the most jaded teenager loves a campfire and s’mores!!!  Several years ago we were in the same place on the same weekend and God treated us to the best light display ever.  The Northern Lights were unbelievable.

We also have a trump card:   PAINTBALL!!!

Hey Lexi, you do know that I’d never hang up on you, don’t you?


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One thought on “We’re Going Camping!

  1. Oh my!! That’s a lot of kids!! Fortunately, looks like there’s a lot of outdoors!!! Have fun!

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