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The Swan Has Landed


Hey, it’s Maria.

I did it! I blocked my MS3 or Mystery Stole 3 as it is fondly called.

I hesitated to post this photo because I look like I’m on drugs. But wait, it gets worse!

Kid #3, a twelve year old boy took the photos without even grumbling!!!

There’s one spot below my right body part where the yarn pooled rather unattractively. There’s a brown spot!

This stole was designed by Melanie of Pink Lemon Twist. This is her third year of designing a Mystery Stole and there were 6500 members in the yahoo group. There was one clue a week for 7 weeks. After several weeks we found out the theme was Swan Lake. I was caught up for the first 4 weeks and then life happened.

Here are the details:

Pattern: MS3 Swan Lake (It will be available for sale on Melanie’s site eventually)

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Cascade Fingering 100% silk in the Senergeti colorway.

Needles: Addi Turbo Lace size 4

The shawl is asymmetrical, which I really liked. I really like the wing on one end.

I started the second half of clue 5 last Thursday evening, and by Sunday afternoon, I’d completed clues 6 and 7 as well. Once I got a rhythm going, it went much more quickly.

I read that silk is fragile when it’s wet so I dry blocked the stole and then sprayed it with a spray bottle.

I really enjoyed this project. I had to only get the emails from Melanie, because I was tired of people asking what a lifeline was. There are only about 5 beads in mine because they didn’t show. I decided it wasn’t worth the work, so I put beads in my Wing of the Moth Shawl instead.

Oh, I did a little stash enhancement this week, thanks to Tasha!?! (Hey Tasha, my Mom knows where you live, and she’s scary!!! I’ll get even.) I left a message on Ravelry for Tasha, commenting on her obnoxiously bright socks, which I loved, and she directed me to some yarn that I needed.

The yarn is from Karen’s Heavenly Creations on Etsy. The colorways are Box of Crayons, Parrot, and Neon Lights. The Neon Lights is my favorite. It’s the top one and it’s black with lots of very bright colors. Surely these socks will embarrass my kids!

Well, I’m off to get my kids to church, but first a nutritious dinner at Burger King.

Hey Lexi, are you enjoying being artistic and dominant?


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10 thoughts on “The Swan Has Landed

  1. I’d say I’m sorry but well….I’m not! That yarn is gorgeous & I really do love that Neon Lights. 😀

  2. The stole is beautiful!!! Way to go!!! And I love your new stash acquisitions!

  3. Your stole is really beautiful. I love that yarn!!!! I wish I could say that my grass was as green as yours and my pool looked so sparkling as well. With no rain for what seems like forever our grass is nothing but brown and with the temps I’m afraid I have somewhat neglected the pool.

  4. LOVE your MS3!! 🙂 It’s beautiful! Also, Tasha’s good about yarn that you need to buy. *g* 🙂 But to make matters worse – now that I’m not in DFW, I can get Karen’s creations LOCALLY because she sells them at my LYS here in CA. *g* 🙂 Talk about bad, bad, bad!! I’m tempted everytime I walk in!

  5. Your MS3 looks wonderful. Good job!

  6. Your MS3 looks great. It was fun, wasn’t it? (I do agree about all those repetitive emails, too).

    Love the neon lights. And I’m hanging out for Kauni news……

  7. Fantastic job on your M3 stole! I’m still in Clue 5 and mucking it up. Oh well – I love looking at the finished product. Wear it in good health!!

  8. Your MS3 is gorgeous! Your color choice is super too. You can wear that with just about anything. WOO!

  9. Love your photos with the stole on!! The stole is really beautiful!!
    Maria (Boston)

  10. You are fun and funny and TALENTED.

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