Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



Hey, Lexi Here,

I made the mistake of falling asleep after reading my humanities homework, at 8:30 tonight. Yep, and then I slept until midnight when my floor got outlandishly loud at curfew. The honeymoon is over, the dorm has woken from is quiet stupor and it is LOUD. If I hadn’t been sleeping, it would have been fun. Never the less, home was louder. Something about tile floors and echoing.

Tomorrow is sweater knitting at loops. I didn’t have a sweater started, but I will tomorow. I am starting Louisa Hardings “Ginger” from Winter Muse Classics.

I am knitting is with Jaeger Shetland Aran in a true red color. It’s going to be lovely, but more on that later.

I really apologize for not posting more often, I’m currently taking 17 credits, which is consider one more than a full load and is almost unheard of for a freshman. I must confess I am rather envious of the girls across the hall taking only 13. To add to the craziness of starting college, one of my courses is online and must be finished in half the time. Sorry if it sounds like I’m whining, but I just wanted you to know. I have to pay my dues in generals courses before I get to play with the computers.

Thanks to Facebook, I have recently (as in twenty minutes ago) discovered that someone just down the hall from me knits. Needless to say this makes me quite happy as she is the only knitter I have found. I am getting a little gutsy with where I knit. It’s not normally like me to hesitate about knitting anywhere, but maybe it’s a freshman mentality thing. Whatever, I’m getting over it. I happened to have knitting along one day to class, so I knit before we started. I’m still working on the Victorian Lace to day Hexagon shawl. I may still be working on it when my computer can read my mind and I no longer have to type this blog.

Speaking of typing, I was in my local Apple store the other day and I fell in love. No, not with the guy at the Genius Bar (although if I saw a cute one there I wouldn’t object) , with the new apple keyboard.

The photo really doesn’t do it justice. And, they did something rather inovative with the wireless keyboard. So simple, but great. They made it smaller and more of the size of a laptop keyboard, because wireless keyboard owners tend to use the keyboard on their lap.

Also you’ve probably heard the ruckus about the dramatic price cut in the iPhone. If you haven’t here’s the deal. They dropped the 4GB model entirely and all the stock they have of it is being sold for $299 less. The 8GB model has had it’s price slashed by $200. Needless to say, the early adopters are mad, but they are getting a $100 store credit. If you bought your phone withing 14 days of the price cut, you get a refund of $200. Finally a company that realizes that brand loyalty is important. What does that have to do with knitting? Well, if I had bought an iPhone in the last 14 days, I would be getting $200 dollars back to buy yarn with.

Mom, will you tuck me in?


4 thoughts on “Oops.

  1. Hey- Your sweater looks a lot like the minimalist cardigan I have started in the Fall Interweaves. I will finish it before 2020. It’s moss stitch so I am really slow. Sounds really nice in a soft yarn and red.

  2. Love that pattern and color. Just read that Jaeger yarns are being discontinued and are all on sale at my LYS. Can we have grandma -grand daughter matching sweaters? Just kidding. Love you.

  3. Lexi,
    This is where you say “Cool grandma, how about some Jaeger for Christmas?”
    See, I can suggest this because I snuck up behind her in line at the LYS here just a few days ago… I’ll remind her at knit night on Monday if you like.

  4. Wow you truely will now and forever more reign as the queen of all things moronic.
    Not only fabulous projects and top shelf quality but the photo quality and lay out are to be envied.

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