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Entrelac and a Mac

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What more does a woman need?

Hi, it’s Maria.

Since I started the Everything Entrelac group on ravelry, I figured it was about time to prove that I know what entrelac is. So, first off are two projects that are in process. One I love and one I think needs to hit the frog pond.

On the left is Lady Eleanor, from the book Scarf Style using Silk Garden in color #87. The colors in this one are amazing. I can’t believe one yarn can produce so many colors. I promise you better photos when she’s completed. The other project is the Entrelac Stole, which I think is in the Wrap Style book. It’s knit with Prism Cool Stuff in Purple Flash. I’m not feelin’ the love.

Next up is a sweater for Honey. He’s worn it a lot, I’m happy to say.

The pattern is Entrelac Sweater by Sarah James. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden. The color is I don’t know!!! It’s not quite as bright in person. One of these days I’m either going to have to take better pictures or learn to run Photoshop. (Do I hear an Amen, Lexi?)

And, before I show you my last project, I have to tell you about my new best friend. She’s a model and she has about a 20 inch waist. But I have one thing that she doesn’t…….

…a brain. Oh, and legs. I’ve loved this thing forever. I got it here. Unfortunately, her measurements do not match mine. But she’s pretty.

Now for the grand finale. The Entrelac Vest by Sarah James. She really has innovative names for her patterns!?!

This vest was knit with Noro Kureyon. I have a confession to make. I finished it in 2004 and I haven’t worn it. My butt was too big. I’ve just lost a bunch of weight, and I’m actually going to wear it this fall. I love this vest. It was the first entrelac I ever tried.

It was the summer of 2004. (Start ominous music) All 7 of us were on our first motorhome trip. We were in Northern Michigan at a gorgeous KOA. This was the beginning of our love for KOA campgrounds. I needed a break and Honey dropped me off at the Dutch Oven Bakery and Yarn Shop. I also had my blogging sidekick along. Yes, all of it was wonderful!!! The yarn shop and the bakery were both packed full. I saw this vest knit up in a nice sedate color, and I had to have one almost like it. I started my vest at the campground that night and stopped back the next morning for one more quick lesson. I was hooked. I finished that vest in a couple of weeks. And they all lived happily ever after.

Don’t forget to get in on the contest. I counted the sock yarn, and it’s a good thing I live in Minnesota and wear socks 9 months of the year.

Hey Lexi, did you start the socks with your pink Socks that Rock?


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One thought on “Entrelac and a Mac

  1. Very nice work…the vest is especially beautiful. This is the perfect season in Minnesota for it!

    Is entrelac addictive like sock knitting?

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