Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Excuses: College Edition


Excuses for not doing Oral Communications homework:

1. This blog isn’t oral, it’s written.

2. Knitting patterns aren’t oral either.

3.There is far too much yarn.

4.The one skien of sock yarn I own is calling me.

5.I don’t like talking to people this much.

6.I could probably pass the test by just reading the book.

7.There are better things that can be done with my time such as finding a cure for senioritis before it hits me in three years.

8.Guys, need I say more.

9.You need to stay informed.

10. I still have to make this hat. (photo from brooklyntweed)


Need I say more


4 thoughts on “Excuses: College Edition

  1. Go study!!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA! Nice hat. You gonna use your Rose Quartz for that? It would be really pretty!!!

  3. Hey! I’ve been trying to knit Shedir too. Want to do a mini KAL. I think I need someone to hold my feet to the proverbial fire. 🙂

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