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My Damask Kauni


Update:  Feb 21, 2014.  Damask Kauni is finally finished.  Read all about it here.  

Correction: The stitch pattern I used for my Kauni is Damask, not Tapestry. When I Googled Dale of Norway Damask, I didn’t find anything. It’s a pattern from 2001.

Today is the day for the promised, long overdue Kauni post. But first, I had startitis this weekend. I started the Modern Quilt Wrap. The pattern is from the new Folk Style book, but this particular pattern is available as a free download. It’s gorgeous and knit with 9 colors of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I did 4 small squares and part of the next large one (all while watching NASCAR, of course) and decided I didn’t want to dedicate a gazillion hours of my life to this project. So I wandered around for a while and decided to pull out the Kauni.

Can I tell you how much I love this sweater? I think it’s what’s going to motivate me to get back on my diet, because it could really be a little bigger.

Do you remember this picture?

This was in my August 24th blog post. I promised to blog about it in a week. OK, I meant month.

The first Kauni I ever saw was on this blog. Margaret in Manhatten knit the most gorgeous sweater, and I had to have one of my own. I ordered the yarn and had a brainstorm. I had a Dale of Norway pillow pattern called Tapestry. (It must be an old pattern because I Googled it and got nothing.) I used Ruth’s pattern for the actual cardigan pattern, and Tapestry for the stitch pattern. Here’s what I came up with:

Can I tell you how much I love this??? Oh, yeah. I already did.

I did a picot hem. It curled a little bit, but I steam blocked it this morning and it looks great. I think I’m going to do the picot down the front of the cardigan and get the Norwegian clasps for it. I wouldn’t wear it closed anyway, especially since it’s a little bit small.

I’m pretty worried about the sleeves, especially after reading about the problems The Great and Powerful Oz of Knitting had with the sleeves. I don’t know how many blog posts Stephanie had about “arsing” up her sleeves and ripping. If she had trouble, what am I going to do? I also have to make sure the sleeves are big enough for my truck driver arms. Stephanie, can you come to Minnesota and help me with this??? I know nothing about good beer, but I can learn!

Actually, I have a better chance of getting help here. Susan lives in Minnesota. These two ladies actually gave me the idea for doing a blog with someone else. I’m always jealous of sisters that get to do fun stuff together. I love doing anything with my sister, but she’s in Texas and I’m in Minnesota. And she doesn’t knit. She’s a a scrapbooker, (and a good one, Hi! Shan). Susan and Sally do amazing work and I’m so glad that they have a blog that inspires knitters to become better and try harder things. I’m also working on the Peacock Shawl, thanks to them!

I’m just past the armholes, and need to decide soon what I’m going to do with the neckline. Some people are just knitting it square and shaping it with the steek. Yikes!!!

Now that I’ve blogged about Kauni, I’m feeling the pressure to keep working on it. One thing I’ve found out about blogging is that it is making me a more monogamous knitter. I’m getting more things finished. (No I didn’t put in the other sleeve. I did half of the fringe on Lady Eleanor though.)

On that note, I leave you to dig out the laundry room again!!!

Hey Lexi, are you there??????

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57 thoughts on “My Damask Kauni

  1. GASP. That is absolutely beautiful. I am envious of your patience and talent.

  2. WOW – I had NO interest in the Kauni until NOW- i LOVE your tapestry patterning – perfect with the yarn. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Oh my, I am stunned. Stunning. Stunning work, stunning yarn. I am speechless. Except…I want!

  4. oooooh, ooooooooooh,ooooooooooooooh. MY.Goodness! That is simply breathtaking!

  5. That is both stunning and inspiring. Like beth, until now, I had no interest in Kauni – I am in love with your tapestry pattern – you should write it up and sell it – I’ll be first in line 🙂

  6. I agree, I would certainly invest in this pattern if it was written up!

  7. Thanks for the great comments. The pattern isn’t mine to write! The pattern I used was the original Ruth Sorensen pattern. It’s a free download. The stitch pattern I used I would guess is copyrighted by Dale of Norway. It’s just a leaflet called Tapestry. It’s a pattern for a pillow.

  8. I say it doesn’t matter how many times you have to rip it out, as long as you finally do get to wear it in public! It’s too gorgeous, really.

  9. Fine.I give up.
    I’ve been resisting that yarn just fine thank you.
    Until now.
    Holy Fleur de Lis Batman but that is GORGEOUS! (okay, not fleur de lis, but … well, something!)
    I’m in lust.
    I must now dig out all my old Dale books to see if I have that chart… if I do, I’m toast! I’ll be ordering me some Kauni by the end of the day…

  10. It’s beautiful! I love the idea of Kauni but haven’t been thrilled about the squares so you are giving me a few ideas.

    You can do a blog with someone who doesn’t live near you — Susan is in MN but I am in Washington, DC.

    Once again — that’s gorgeous!

  11. Just beautiful! …and very inspiring.

  12. OH
    I bow at your talent. That is so beautiful!

  13. I am in awe. That is STUNNING.

  14. That’s beautiful. I’ve been searching recently for curvy patterns to use with Kauni Rainbow, but I missed that one. I might have to track it down now.

  15. I must admit that I was not a big fan of the Kauni. Until now that is. That is the prettiest! Now I must figure out how to hold off until payday before ordering.

  16. Holey bajoley. Gorgeous! The way that you matched up the yarn across the colorwheel & alternated intensity- fantastic!

    I ordered Kauni EQ about 1.5 months ago, and have been struggling to decide on a pattern. I was almost 95% set on using a set of Turkish motifs… then thought about using an Alice Starmore pattern.

    Your work is really inspirational. Truly lovely. I’ll be watching for further progress!!!

  17. this is astoundingly beautiful! Could you tell me where you get the yarn? I would really like to get some of the yarn. ( I’m on Ravelry as rududu.)

  18. That is amazing!

    See, I would be a knitter if I could just jump and and make something like that! And you are just too far away. If I knit, I would need you nearby to fix my mistakes! (every few minutes).

    I do love this blog, although I would like to hear from your blog partner! It was great seeing her last weekend! She looks like she is doing good and she and K got some cousin time in.

  19. Oh My! That is fabulous!

  20. This is looking real good. It must be possible to use lots of different patterns like this. It looks so elegant…and beautiful. Thanks for the eyecandy!! I so lost in the Rainbow Kauni…..knitting Ruth’s Kauni Cardigan myself…..I could very well, use this idea for another one!!*GRIN*

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  22. Wow! I started the Autumn Kauni KAL and you just made me sorry I did! This is beautiful! Really beautiful!

  23. Stunning! I love it, and I am totally inspired by your innovation!

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  25. Maria–I saw the Kauni patterns on Ruth Sorenson’s website yesterday, and found your Damask sweater today–WOW! I already have the Dale Damask pattern, and plan to buy the Kauni yarn online from in Canada, since I couldn’t find it for sale in the States. It calls for 650 gr. of the main color and 300 gr. of contrast for a medium-sized cardigan, for a total of 950 gr. Is that the total amount of yarn you figured to complete your Kauni Damask?


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  29. This is STUNNING. I am so in love with this. It is amazing.

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  31. Just came across your Kauni Damask version. It’s absolutely gorgeous!! I’m about to start my Kauni (the one with the little squares), the only delay being the edging. I love your picot edge…it’s a perfect detail and even better, you say it doesn’t curl much. Can you share the instructions for the edging or tell me where to find this picot pattern? Many thanks, Dina

  32. I agree, this is stunningly beautiful. That Damask pattern is difficult to find. But the photographs on this blog are great, and they are close up. You can see every stitch. So instead of spending hours trying to outbid each other on e-bay for the one copy of the pattern that’s there, go get some graph paper…it’s much more satisfying. All you really have to do is figure out one repeat. Start at the center top, and just keep going.

  33. Folded picot edge instructions can be found at

  34. I just saw the Kauni cardigan in some pics from Knitters review retreat, could someone tell me where to purchase the yarn and pattern. Your sweater is absolutely beautiful. I am amazed and would like to try to knit one.

  35. Absolutely stunning!
    I was going to use my Kauni for the Astrid Kauni SSSweater, but this pattern took my breath away. Since I don’t have the original Dale of Norway pattern, I had to chart the pattern myself. Just finished doing that.
    I’m not turning this into a cardigan though. I’m more a sweater person. Thank you for sharing this!

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  37. Came over from Yarnival — It’s beautiful!

  38. Your sweater is so beautiful & ‘m toying with the idea of casting on!! I love the picot edge and would love to copy you but I’ve never steeked a sweater before & I’m unsure as to how to work the steeking stitches into the picot hem – I was going to do 8 steek stitches – do you just cast on those stitches after the turning row? Thank you!

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  40. Hi, this is stunning! Did you use one color for the damask motifs and a different color for the background? Then it is striped every 10-20 rows right? Thank you for sharing your work with us. I agree with ALL the remarks here. Your children and grandchildren will be very blessed when you pass down your talents and share your gifts with them! Thanks!

  41. Wow! Everyone has said it all – it’s the most gorgeous sweater pattern/colors I have ever seen!!!! I went to the Sorensen website to look at her pattern, and I am not crazy about the squares. I am an intermediate knitter I guess, and can not make up my own patterns unfortunately. I would love to learn though. Do you have the written out instructions for your sweater? I would gladly pay you for them.

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  43. Can I get the pattern to the Damask Kuani sweater? I know 2 peopl ein my knitting group would like it. Kathy

  44. I have been unable to locate the damask pattern. Can you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?


  45. I am also absolutely pining for the pattern for the Damask. Does anyone have a way I could buy it? Thanks so much.

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  50. I’m trawling blogs that mention knitting with Kauni, because I’m finally starting my own Kauni cardigan. Are you the first person to knit this sweater with the Damask pattern? Wow: Knitter Zero!

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  57. Are the two skeins the same colour *i.e Rainbow Kauni? One looks to have more red and yellow and the other ones looks more blue and green and purple. Or are my eyes tricking me?

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