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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Go Ahead! Put me in a Time Out!!!


…..send me to my room. Please!!!

Hey, It’s Maria.

What do you do when Dad looks like this:

And Mom looks like this…

What do you do??? I have no idea.

When we signed on for the parenting thing 19 years ago, God told us we were smart enough to be parents. We’re not. I want my deposit back.

Have I ever mentioned how awesome Honey is? I was supposed to be out of town this weekend, but my plans changed. He decided that since I look like I do, I should get a “Time Out”. (Actually I look even worse. That photo is 5 years old.) I’m taking the motorhome and leaving. I’m going all of 14 miles. What’s so great about that and about Honey? He has 4 kids and a peeing puppy. I have me.

I’m going to knit. I have to pound on that Kauni. Someone, and you know who you are, started hers yesterday, and she’ll probably be done with it by Sunday. So I need to keep moving. Good thing there isn’t a Biggest Loser in knitting, or I’d lose to her! I’m also thinking about doing some quilting. I haven’t worked on a quilt in forever and it might just be time. I used to quilt way more than I knit. My ravelry name is quiltmomoffive. My license plate is WANASEW. But I am the boss of my crafting and I can do what I want. I have to be the boss of something!?!

I have a finished object. I finished my Lady Eleanor Stole.

The only think I don’t love is that there’s so much pink in it. I’m going to wear it with a denim jacket and jeans. What color shirt should I wear? Keep your suggestions clean. I’m the mother of 5 and I’m 44 years old.

I just need to tell you that the fringe absolutely makes this thing. I love the fringe. Now I need to play true confessions. Lady Eleanor isn’t really finished. Look at this and see if you can see what’s wrong:

This was the first fringe I did. Instead of knotting two strands together, I knotted 4. I didn’t read the directions very well. It hangs all wonky and I have to redo it. So that’s going along with me on my 14 mile trek.

Now I need to go make dinner, get groceries, clean up some messes, and do everything that I would have done this weekend, had I been home.

Hey Lexi, how’s the nap research going?

P.S. That photo of me was a promo shot for a little gig I did for a women’s conference on parenting and staying sane. I don’t really have the credentials to talk about either one with much expertise! Oh, and if you’re in Minnesota or would like to come to Minnesota, I’m in charge of a creative retreat (meaning quilting, knitting, scrapbooking etc.) in November. The accomodations are great and we have a ton of fun. Here’s the info. Just leave a comment if you’re interested, and I’ll get back to you. (Hey all you Texas people, you could come along with Mom.)


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11 thoughts on “Go Ahead! Put me in a Time Out!!!

  1. Your stole is STUNNING! Nice job – love the colors. They would really pop against a black shirt!! Enjoy wearing it. AND that mug is fantastic – my DH (father of 2 20-somethings) said he’d like one of those!

  2. Your stole is really pretty. I’d wear it with either a chambray blue or white. Yummy. Very yummy.

  3. I know how you love some of the greens. Do you have a green shirt that works?
    Sounds like I’d better get signed up for the retreat.

  4. By the way, her DH is much cuter than that picture and loads of fun. He is one of those guys who will never grow up!

  5. The stole is wonderful and I agree the fringe is great. I would wear it with that fun apple green type color which also looks nice with denim. Have fun on your sanity therapy trip.

  6. It’s just beautiful! Im inspired to finish mine!

  7. Oh, by the way…about parenting? One day there will be grandchildren, which is God’s gift to us for not killing our own kids.

  8. LOVE your L.E.! It is so, so pretty. I have this in my queue, and I wasn’t so sure about the fringe. Seeing yours makes me want to give it a go, though! :0) Have fun hiding out – what a sweet guy you have there!

  9. I didn’t really want to make a Lady E until I saw yours… Wow! Nice job!! OH… and a crisp white cotton button-down would be nice.

  10. I think it is beautiful! Most of the girls at my LYS have done it. I’m deciding on the yarn and them I’m off to join the LE Club!

    My mother always said, “II hope you get two just like you!” Well, I got one who is just like me – now I see what she meant. But one day – mine will have one just like him, and I’ll get to sit back and laugh…

  11. OMG!

    Your stole is TO DIE FOR!

    It is absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    ; )

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