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Listen To Your Mother!

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Hey Lexi here,

So, people always say you are supposed to listen to your mom.  There is a reason for that.  No, I don’t have some massively messed up story about gauge, tension, bad yarn choice, or a truly tragic boy story.  It’s worse. Had I listened to my mother, I would have been enjoying one of life’s great pleasures.  No, not Pure Silk, Sinful, or alpaca, something much better.

Now, in the past, I haven’t always listened to my mother.  Note the time I played with her rotary cutter and sliced my finger open.  I still bear a scar from that one.  Or the time when she told me not to scream and I got soap (one time…. ask her about how many times)  However there have been times that listening to her was a bad idea.  Like when she was trying to give me directions, but she didn’t know where to go either.  I got lost.  Or the times she’s said, “Just keep going, it’ll look better when it’s blocked.”  Yeah, not true, except in the case of lace.  That just always looks funny until it’s blocked.

However, this time I should have listened.  I am currently 26 people away from being invited to Ravelry.  26!  Waiting for months, and then to be stuck at 26 for seven hours (So far).  Thats painful.  When she signed up, she told me to.  I didn’t know what it was, and I was kinda going through a bratty second semester senior phase.  She got her invite in May.  I waited, and signed up in August.  Had I listened to her, I would have been enjoying the wonderful world of Ravelry for the last five months.  But no, I’m sitting at number 26!!!

Back to knitting, I was at Loops the last 2 nights.  Yes, I had homework that could have been done, but I can do it during fall break.  Yes, I’m going to regret that later, but I just don’t feel like writing!  (I am well aware that I’m writing now, but I love ya’ll more than I do my profs)   Just watch out, I’ll be there more than anywhere else.  I didn’t get into too much trouble, mommy bought me Victorian Lace Today, but I’m bringing her sock yarn(as if she needs anymore), and I bought some things I’ll tell you about next time.

Mom, what should I knit during chapel?


One thought on “Listen To Your Mother!

  1. You know I’ve had several people, including my sister, try to explain to me what Ravelry is. I just don’t “get it.” So if it makes you feel any better, I’m not even on the waiting list.

    I figure what I don’t know can’t hurt me. Can it?

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