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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Just One of Those Things


Hey, Lexi Here

Mom is still off galavanting around with dad in her home on wheels. It’s slightly depressing to realize that I could easily but my dorm room on wheels. Ok, lets be honest, this trailer rivals my dorm room for size. I was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed this week, only to find out that not only has my mom’s quilt machine taken over half the room, but the empty furnace room next to my bed has a major mold infestation. The headaches that are caused by this interfere with my knitting, so I get the guest room.

I never knew I could get so much knitting done. It’s a shame that classes get in the way of the finer things in life, such as sleep, flirting and knitting. Of course knitting is the most important.

Speaking of knitting, I started Shedir, remember the one I talked about here when I was procrastinating. Yes, here it was at about noon today:

However, I made a discovery. The pattern was working out fine, but then I decided to put it on two circulars instead of magic looping it. Well when I went to split the project, I counted the number of cables. There were 15.  That sounds OK, right. Nope, I am supposed to have 8 repeats. Each repeat has 2 cables. I was half a repeat off. Yes, I frogged.

So, mom, how much trouble did you get into yesterday?


4 thoughts on “Just One of Those Things

  1. Hey Lexi, I am loving all your projects, but when do I get to see a
    FO? Are you trying to catch up to your Mom’s WIP list?
    Enjoy your fall break.

  2. That’s a beautiful stitch!

  3. kelsey here. i thought you were going to mention your ravelry thing. guess you’ll have to do another one!

  4. Hey Lexi!
    Where’s “Ginger”? Soooo beautiful a thing, don’t be shy show her off
    finished or not. Can’t wait to see her!

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