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There are Flowers Growing in My Crack….


…and other miscellaneous Monday madness.

Hi, it’s Maria

What did you think I meant by that title? Last summer, the petunias showed up in the crack in the patio. They came back this summer. Then, this fall, the marigolds showed up. How do they get there???

What did we do this weekend? Lots of cooking. I made these Cranberry Orange cakes with an orange butter sauce. I’m not a huge cake fan, but these were wonderful.

I always thought I disliked cranberries because of the icky cranberry sauce that came out of the can, in the shape of the can. Nasty!  I found out that I love anything with fresh cranberries. Aren’t these cute?

I also made risotto for the first time. The consistency was right but I’m looking for another flavor. This recipe had sundried tomatoes in it. I had risotto at Pazzaluna in St Paul last year and it was the ultimate comfort food. It had sage in it. I’ll definitely be trying more recipes.

Saturday night we had turkey, stuffing, potatoes, Jello (Honey is 100% Norwegian) and green beans. Yum!

Another kid learned how to knit this weekend.

She had to go to bed Saturday night, but Lexi and I knit and watched movies until 3:00 AM. I started this:

I’m not telling you what it is yet, but it will be felted.

Yesterday, Lexi (a bit tearfully) headed back to college. I’ll miss my knitting pal and friend. Thank goodness for phones! Before she left, Lexi got to see this:

Georgie smelled like wet puppy for several hours, and guess where she chose to nap? Right next to me while I watched Nascar.  I worked on my Summer of Lace sock from Rockin Sock club.

Today……..I was just lazy. My house is messy, and I chose not to care. Tomorrow I will care. The house was quiet today except for the jackhammer in the basement. No, I didn’t have a hangover. We’re trying to fix a water issue in our basement. And no, we didn’t find the dead thing in the fireplace or ceiling tile, but thanks for asking.

Here’s what our day looked like today. Green, green, green grass!

You can’t begrudge us the green grass. There will be snow on it soon. Remember, we live in Minnesota!

Hey Lexi, what did you do at Loops tonight?


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6 thoughts on “There are Flowers Growing in My Crack….

  1. You’d think it was Spring here for all the blooming and greening!

  2. I copied that Pound Cake recipe. That must be the all time comfort food.

  3. Wow, i would love to be surprised with sprouting flowers, especially if they end up being beautiful.

  4. May I please ask a question about your fabulous Kauni?
    Were you able to work using the same 2-ball method as in the original design, or did you need to tink the colours, in order to maintain good contrasts?
    However you achieved your colour changes, the results are spectacular.
    Thank you.
    Judith – in Ontario, Canada

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