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Rockin’ Sock Club Spoiler


Don’t read any further if you don’t want to see this months Rockin’ Sock Club socks.

Hey, it’s Maria.

Don’t you just love getting a physical? It’s great knitting time! Every other year, Honey and I go to the Mayo clinic for complete physicals. Look what I finished.

It’s Lenore. This is the yarn and pattern from the Rockin’ Sock Club for this month. The pattern was designed by the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl McPhee. I don’t remember what the yarn color is, and I’m too lazy to get up and find the ball band.

The other thing I worked on while sitting around at night is The Medallion Travel Bag. The pattern is from Noni.

Isn’t this an awesome bag? If the pattern is right, it will take 2640 yards (12 skeins) of Cascade 220. It’s huge.

It’s 4 octaves huge. I’m over half way on the body, but it seems to be taking forever. It’s knit on size 13 needles and the yarn is doubled. I have the leather straps for the bag but I still need to order brass feet for the bottom. It’s also supposed to have a zipper, but I’m not sure if I’ll add that or not.

You want to hear about our physicals, dont’ you? My Honey and I both have the same BMI. Yet I was praised and he was chewed out. Body mass is determined by your height and weight. Officially, I’m not obese any more. I’m merely overweight. Honey is in the same boat. Why was he chewed out? He was told two years ago that he needed to lose weight. (He’s been the same weight for 20 years) and he’s on cholesterol medication. I, on the other hand, lost 35 pounds in the last year, my glucose level went down, and I don’t have cholesterol issues. The moral of the story? I get to teach him how to eat healthier. Actually, for him, he’s going to need to just cut back his portions. He eats pretty well.

Nana stayed with the kids and told us they were perfect. I’m suspecting she’s getting senile. (Just kidding, Mom!) It’s so nice to come home to a house that’s in order, and kids that are happy. Thanks, Nana!

I’m thinking I need to do some quilting this week.  I’m ending up with sore wrists from too much knitting.  I could get some sleep too, since that’s what I sacrifice for time to knit.

Hey Lexi, hows that blanket coming?


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8 thoughts on “Rockin’ Sock Club Spoiler

  1. Beautiful Sock and Beautiful bag!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I must make that bag too!

  2. Beautiful sock and bag.

  3. Great sock, I’m thinking about starting mine soon but got a headache trying to figure out what size needles I should use. I also love the bag, it would hold a lot of knitting. Have fun with the quilting and go easy on your wrists.

  4. Mmmm-I love it. And your use of time–can you knit in the car, too are you too close? And the Noni Nag…. hadn’t seen that one yet. October sock, amazing Noni Bag, Kawai. And a fantastic DR appt. Yeah!!

  5. Love them both,you have just inspired me to cast on my socks….and I was going to wait! LOL

  6. Great bag and congrats on your weight loss. That’s a big achievement.

  7. Your “Lenore” looks totally differnt from mine (which I hate and I’m trading it to a friend–it’s on my blog.) But I love Stephanie’s pattern!

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