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Variations on a Theme

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Hey, it’s Maria.

Have you noticed that about every three blog posts I mention laundry??? Get a look at this…….

Do ya think it’s time to put some of it away? It shouldn’t be hard. Their drawers must be empty. (Except their underwear drawers. Could they change that once in a while???)

And yes, Lexi! Here’s another photo of the cute puppy.

She loves my ginormous Medallion Travel Bag. I think she’ll fit in it, even after it’s felted.

I had a couple of knitting friends stop in today. One shares my deep and abiding love of Noro. The other “friend” staged an intervention. She dug through a bunch of my WIP’s. She also pointed to each batch of yarn and said, “What’s that going to be?” Some of the yarn knows what it’s going to be and other batches haven’t talked to me yet. Actually, she wasn’t intervening at all. She just loves pretty yarn as much as I do!

I have decided that I need to do a blog post next week showing some of the butt ugly and train wreck projects that need to hit the frog pond. I’ve only shown you the good. I also need to reveal the bad and the ugly. So, stay tuned next week.

So, what else did I do today? Not put away laundry. I did something else domestic. I made my apron. What I’m going to do with it, I have not a clue! I just wanted it. The pattern designer is my friend Heather Mulder Peterson. The pattern is called Charming Trios – The Kitchen Collection. You can purchase it here.

The main fabric is a Michael Miller fabric called Dainty Damask. Speaking of variations on a theme. Do you see the link between my apron and my Damask Kauni?

I think I have damask on the brain!!! Oh, and here’s my bedroom wallpaper. It’s been around for 10 years, so I really do have a deep and abiding love for damask.

It’s now 1:00 AM, and I need some sleep so I’ll have the energy to put away all that laundry in the morning.

Hey Lexi, do you really like country music?


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One thought on “Variations on a Theme

  1. Ditto the love of damask. My old house was full of it and this new house will be eventually. The laundry is the same in my house, I do it and they don’t ever put it away. Lately I’ve been refusing to dole out lunch money until the week’s laundry is put away, giving a bonus to the first one to finish, checking to make sure that it wasn’t just shoved into the first empty drawer. It sometimes works.

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