Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Digging and Destashing


Hey, it’s Maria.

I spent my day today digging through yarn. All that yarn darn near smothered me. I have 23 WIP’s that I’d like done right now, thank you very much. I also have 10 socks in progress. At least 3 are second socks. I also found a couple things that are hitting the frog pond. I started a Debbie Bliss pattern with Cashmerino Aran in a gorgeous light blue. It was a birthday gift from my mom several years ago. It’s huge. It’s also covered with cables. I’ve decided that I like most Debbie Bliss yarns better with smaller needles than what she recommends. So, I’ll have to come up with plan b for that yarn.

I also listed a bunch of yarn on ebay. Check it out here. I’m doing a $5.00 shipping special too, so feel free to buy lots! I’m hoping to list a bunch of sock yarn on Saturday, and I’ll hold all your purchases until all the auctions are complete.

After school, I got to be mean mommy. Why is it that it’s my girls that end up in the principal’s office? Isn’t it supposed to be the boys? I now have a little girl that thinks I’m the meanest mom in the world. Yes!!!! I have to be #1 in something.

This year is the 43rd annual Nights of Music at our church. The dress rehearsal was tonight, so I took pictures. It’s a lot easier to get good pictures when I can walk around on the stage. That wouldn’t be too cool during the performance! So, since I refuse to post without any photos, here’s one picture I took.

That’s about 1/6 of the people in the stage.

Tomorrow I get to go get the girls photo taken. Yup! A mammogram. What? That’s not what you were thinking? Maybe Saturday, I’ll get back to the quilt.

OK, I just reread what I wrote.  I think I’ll get #1 in most boring blog post.  Sorry.  I’ll try to be more fun next time.  In the mean time, check out those ebay auctions!

Hey Lexi, are you ready for your first exam?


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

5 thoughts on “Digging and Destashing

  1. Okay, I’ve been on first name basis with the principal since last year when my oldest was 6 years old. I’m so proud, oh well, he’s a boy though. I feel your pain!

  2. Lexi, I have been missing the posts and have read up on the past several. I hope your finals are going great but we really do need a word from you. What are you knitting??

  3. Ria, gorgeous picture! Well, the knitting and quilts are always great too. How does the rest of your house look?

  4. Shan, How dare you suggest that my house doesn’t look perfect at all times. You should know me better than that by now!!!

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