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Red and Green


Hey, it’s Maria.

Added at 8:49 PM.  Check out the socks my son wore to school today!  And he didn’t even know about the blog post!!!

Welcome to my red and green tour.

I had to try a couple of little Christmas socks. I started with this pattern. (Scroll down!) She knit them flat and then seamed them. Seaming is for good knitters. I Magic Looped them. I used Jamieson Shetland DK and size 3 needles. They would be even cuter with sock yarn and size 1 needles. Each one took about 2 hours. I think I got that out of my system now, although little mittens would be cute too.

If you read quilting blogs, you’ll see What’s on Your Bed? Well, I have a quilt made with Maison de Noel fabric by Moda. I love this quilt. It survived a round of stomach flu (literally all over it) right after I finished it last year. I love the way quilts look when they’ve been washed. The reds didn’t run either. You know, I think I posted a photo of this a couple of weeks ago, but I’m too lazy to look. If I did, have another look!

My grandma had a stool like this when I was little, so when this showed up at Target a couple of years ago, I snatched it up. Do you like my Christmas shoes? I have another pair just like it, only mirror image. For my blond daughter: One pair is red and one pair is green in real life!!! I have been threatening to wear them like this over the holidays.

Teacher gifts!

A new outdoor flag. We have some snow, but would I love a good storm. I know, all of you in the Northeast are ready to shoot me for that comment. We all want what we can’t have!

A new quilt for my chair. I pieced and quilted this before Christmas last year. If you look at the bottom, you’ll see that I haven’t finished stitching the binding yet.

And last but not least, the puppy sleeping on her Christmas bed. It has Santa embroidered on one side of it. NO!!! I did not make it. Target. $9.99.

We celebrated Christmas yesterday with the seven of us. It was a good day. We always have fondue, and our recipes are expanding. I ordered another fondue pot yesterday, too late for this year, but I’m ready for next Christmas. Our gift giving was much lighter this year. Instead of tons of gifts the kids each got clothes and one other item. Instead of more gifts, we’ve adopted a family with 3 children. The fourth baby is on the way. We bought toys for the kids, clothes for all of them, and we’re going to do a big grocery run before we bring it all over there. They’re going to be totally suprised. We see them at church all the time. They don’t even know us! The kids are really excited about our new project. Nobody even complained about “just two presents”. Maybe our kids are going to turn into decent human beings yet!!!

Well, I’m off to do some baking. I need fat grams, you know!

Hey Lexi, what did you get for Christmas?


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5 thoughts on “Red and Green

  1. Your red stool made me laugh. We had one like it when I was a kid. I grew taller than Mom by 6th grade so whenever I had a big life problem I’d sit on the stool so I could put my head on Mom’s shoulder and cry (otherwise my chin would be on the top of her head!)

  2. I’m so jealous of your red stool! (Somehow, that sounds wrong.) My grandma had one, too – sure wish I had seen them at Target. Hope to meet you with your Mama next week!

  3. So great!!! We have that red stool too. Z uses it to reach stuff he shouldn’t 🙂

  4. I have those same shoes!! Love them! I have them in pink. They are on sale at Check em out!

  5. By the way, my grandmother also had a stool like this it was yellow though. Check out my blog, I’m a quilter as well.

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