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It’s the Most Wonderful Time????


Hey, it’s Maria.

I must be cranky. My kids are cleaning things without (much) complaining. I asked the kids the other night who wanted to help wrap presents. My 12 year old son volunteered. After I recovered from the shock, I taught him how and he did a great job. I think wrapping presents might be at the top of the list of things I dislike doing. I love gift bags.

There hasn’t been much knitting going on. I have one FO. Can you tell what it is?

Here, I’ll use the flash. Maybe this will help.

It’s my Lenore’s from the Rockin Sock Club. This was the fifth installment and I have all five pairs done. I’m very surprised at myself. Disciplined is not on my list of attributes. I heard last weekend that the sixth sock-of-the-every-other-month was shipping, so I pounded out the last part of the second sock. I’m hoping to get the new sock kit today.

I’ve also worked a little bit on Twist.

This is a fun, easy knit. I’ve done the armhole decreases, so a few more inches and the back is done.

Here’s the question of the day. If your daughter takes her piano books out of the car and leaves them in the bathroom (and there’s no piano in the bathroom) did she practice piano last night? I’m guessing not.

My list for today:

1. Get groceries.

2. Make groceries into yummy stuff.

3. Pack mountains of laundry away.

4. Pack said clothes for Christmas trip.

5. Wrap a few more gifts.

6. Bring surprise gifts to family. (That will be fun!)

7. Pay a few bills

8. Clean up miscellaneous messes.

9. Make raw hamburger into something edible for dinner.

10. Make kid practice piano.

We leave tomorrow morning for Minneapolis to party with Honey’s family. I’m pretty sure I smell prime rib already! On Sunday, we’ll hit the road again to go to Texas and spend Christmas with my family.

I’ve also heard a rumor about meeting up with some Rockstar Knitters after Christmas. That should be hugely entertaining, because I’ve heard some stories about these women. I’ll be sure to report back! I’m also going to work on my Damask Kauni. I don’t think I’ll ever finish it because it’s famous, and I don’t want to screw it up!!!

So, tomorrow when we hit the road, I’m going to sit back and enjoy time with Honey (he almost never gets on my nerves) and my kids (who sometimes get on my nerves) and my in-laws (hi Nana! I love you!). You didn’t think I’d say they get on my nerves, did you? I’m not that stupid! I’m planning to enjoy time spent with parents, siblings, and nephews and nieces. Some of them I don’t get to see very often so it’s a chance to reconnect. I plan to eat a lot. I’m going to sleep hard and fast. I’m going to drive a motorhome at least part of 900 miles! And most of all, I’m going to rejoice, because a baby was born more than 2,000 years ago. That baby provides eternal life to anyone who asks. Now that’s worth celebrating!

So, Merry Christmas and I’ll catch up with you in Texas!


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8 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time????

  1. Merry Christmas! (from Cedar Park, TX – be careful while you travel!) I enjoy your blog. Please do finish the damask Kauni – I already have the Kauni in the pinks/lavendar and greens/yellow and the pattern and will get that one done sometime in 2008. It’s too pretty NOT to finish. I’m going to try to figure how to put some waist shaping in mine and that is what will keep me from getting it knitted sooner rather than later.

  2. Merry Christmas and Merry Family Celebrations! Be careful of that weather front coming through… My STR came yesterday to PA (today’s blog). No rant this time!

  3. Merry Christmas! Have fun celebrating with your families and be safe while traveling! I’m glad to be celebrating Jesus birth and eternal life with my family too:)

  4. Merry Christmas from one of the Rockstars! Can’t wait to meet you!

  5. Your Lenore’s are lovely – I just got my December kit – Love it, but am putting it on hold while I get a few other things DONE!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Enjoy your travels and your family! Merry Christmas!

  7. Your Lenore’s look very pretty. I haven’t done mine yet, and my next kit hasn’t come. But I always look at spoilers, and I know this one is going to be one I will really love.

    Thanks for your lovely reminder about Christmas’ real meaning. His Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Merry Christmas from another Rockstar! Safe journey and I can’t wait to meet you in person!

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