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Sleepin’ Single in a King Size Bed


I’m spoiled! I usually do have a king size bed to myself. Honey snores. A lot. So he’s usually in the guest room, unless we have guests. But last night, I had guests in my bed. This little sweetie…

He was running a temp and I wanted to make sure it didn’t go higher. I’m thinking he’ll be in my bed tonight too. I also had another guest.

She loves to cuddle. She’s not going to be in my bed tonight.

Having a sick kid makes for a lot of knitting time. When the kid asked if I wanted to hang out with him today, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s a little hard on me to listen to Nickelodeon and Disney channel, but the knitting time was awesome.

Remember this post where I was packing yarn to go on vacation? I packed 2.64 miles of yarn. One of the yarns I packed was some Classic Elite Waterlily. I started The Must Have Cardi (scroll down) about a year ago and it was too big. So I frogged it. While we were on vacation, I restarted the sweater and got about one inch of the bottom band done. Fast forward to the other day. I read the Yarnharlots blog. Guess what she was working on? The Must Have Cardi.

Little side trip here. I started my Damask Kauni. Stephanie (the Yarnharlot) started her kauni after I did. She’s wearing hers. Where’s mine? In the WIP pile.

Anyway, back to the Must Have Cardi. I dug mine out. I knit, and I knit, and I knit, and here’s how far I got.

In my defense, I’m knitting the whole body at once so there are about 250 stitches on my needles. I love it. It’s soft and warm and has lots of cables.  I’m really enjoying working with this yarn.  Waterlily is 100% extra fine merino. It’s got a lot of spring, so working cables is so easy.  I think that once it’s blocked, it’s going to look awesome.

(Take a look at the picture on the desktop of my computer. I’m pretty sure laundry would be a lot more fun if I had a red washer and dryer, don’t you?)

I finished the ribbing and then had to increase stitches and set up the cables. It took me TWO HOURS to do one row. Sometimes I’m just stupid. I wanted the increases in the right places so the cables would line up with the knits on the ribbing. If you ever see me in person wearing this sweater, don’t look at my rear end!!! It’s not perfect. How hard is it to line up knits and purls, I ask you?

Now, I need some help with my dilemma. In the sidebar, I set up a very partial list of my in-process projects. I’m trying to decide if I should humiliate myself and list all of my projects. I would make all of you feel so much better, because I’ve got most of you beat. What can I say? I love starting projects. The new yarn. The new stitches. The new colors. Heaven!

The other thing I’m trying to decide is if I should join a group to get more done. There’s one group on Ravelry that is finishing a project a month. Do I need that pressure, or can I motivate myself? I have so many good projects going, but nothing is very close to being finished. I’d guess most of my projects are about at 50%.

All I know is that if I’d stuck to one project the last week, I’d have something done, because I’ve done a lot of knitting.

One other thing I’m going to do is post a few other projects I finished before I started blogging. I have some other good ones, as well as a couple of bloopers.

Oh, by the way, I haven’t touched the Dale of Norway kit. Ha! Ha! It’s in a plastic zipper bag. Maybe I’ll force myself to finish something before I start it. I did read the instructions though. It’s gonna be fun!

Gotta go! My cables are calling me. I’m surprised I can hear them over the noise of Scooby Doo!!! Ruh! Roh! Gotta go!


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12 thoughts on “Sleepin’ Single in a King Size Bed

  1. You do such beautiful work. You have enabled me to make Mr. Greenjeans! I would like to see how many projects you’ve started and left unfinished because I’m embarrassed to show mine!

  2. I’m a starter, I admit it. But it’s fun.

  3. You are totally amazing. I would barely be through the ribbing, and the Kauni would be only a vacant thought. Love the red sweater.

    Hope your little guy feels better.

  4. Wow! I am sooo proud of you. Now to see if I can follow your lead and not start another sweater before I get a current/languishing one done. Which is going to be hard since I have a KAL for Oblique starting the 15th. Oy!

  5. You’re brilliant- a red washer and dryer may be the answer!

    I spent more time with a child in my bed- I’d put her in her lovely pink bed, and she’d come in during the night.
    She’s grown out of that now.

  6. I think you should list all your WIPs on the sidebar… it sure would make me feel a lot better. 🙂 I’m sure my list is just as long…. from one starter to another – its all good! 🙂

  7. I think you should list all your projects in the sidebar too, I don’t see anything listed yet though…where is the partial list?

    You do beautiful work and I love looking at your pictures, thank you for sharing all your projects. I don’t post much at all since ravelry came along, I’m glad that most of the blogs I read still do though!! You do finish things, I’ve seen lots of FO’s on here; it doesn’t really matter how long it takes – you’re still faster than me:) BTW I’d love to see more quilts too.

  8. I’d love to see a list of in-progress stuff on the sidebar! My only “resolution” is to try to work on one thing at a time – I get discouraged if I don’t see progress. :0)

  9. Put ’em up. Fair’s fair, I posted last years ufo’s at the start of the new year. (I forgot one but never mind) I didn’t put them in the side bar though, never even gave it a thought, really. I’ve been updating the progress, err lack of progress of my projects in Ravelry so I guess, I figured that was enough.

  10. How hard can it be to set up cables that line with the rib? In this sweater, very hard. I found an excel pattern with an adjusted rib that will line up with the pattern and would be happy to share it if you are interested. I found it on this sweater’s KAL. But with such an entertaining cable pattern I doubt that anyone would notice if it isn’t perfectly lined up.

  11. I’m laughing because I didn’t finish reading this post before because as soon as I saw your Must Have Cardi, I had to click on that link and find out more. Very nice! (Yes, I would seem to be stalking your projects.)

    Anyway, I say post them all! Let us see what you got goin’ on.

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