Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Mission Accomplished!!!


My sewing room is spotless. Karen at Lee Haven started an I Spy game with her cutting table. She took a photo and listed 15 things on it. I saw the game too late.  I could have listed about 50 things.  Now there is NOT ONE THING on my cutting table.

Tomorrow I will take photos and post them, if only to prove to my Mom that it’s clean. My sewing room also has great windows and you won’t get the effect if I take photos tonight.

Besides, it’s time to put kids to bed and hit the bathtub. Then I’m going to bed. I worked on that sewing room until 4 AM. I got up at 8:30 AM to get ready for 4 boys and a Rock Band party.

See ya tomorrow!  Oh, and thanks for all the commiseration on my appliance woes!


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!!!

  1. A window in your sewing room…a window that not only lets in light but your can also LOOK out of…that alone would be reason enough for me to spend my entire day in there cleaning…LOL.

    Can’t wait to see the after pics.

  2. Oh please come organize my yarn room!

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