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True Confessions, Part 1


A couple of posts ago, I was trying to decide if I should list all my unfinished projects. Maybe the embarrassment of true confessions would kick me in the rear. The response was 100% for listing all of them. So I will.

I have one condition though. I need a support group. Leave a comment if you’re willing to join me, and I’ll link your blog, so we can all hold hands!!! Do ya think singing Kum Ba Ya would help? So far I have one other person. Christine at Too Much Yarn, has offered to support me in my endeavors. But that’s not a support group. That’s a support duo. Come on! Confession is good for the soul.

With that said, here we go on the wild ride through the Land of Creative Chaos. First in our fashion show of knits is my second Koigu Shawl.

The pattern I’m using is the Kerry blue Square Shawl from Martha Waterman’s book titled Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls. The pattern is written for a square shawl, but I’m doing an opening where one of the four miters is. I’ve used 5 colors so far and I’ll probably use seven or eight more. I ordered more yarn and I’m waiting for it to arrive before I decide what comes next.

What? Another shawl?

This is the Peacock Feathers Shawl, started on our bus trip last summer. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are beads in it. Note to self: The next time you go through all the work of adding beads, make sure they don’t match so well! I bought a cone of Zephyr for this from Sarah’s Yarns.

I think I can stand the humiliation of one more project today.

This is Fanny. It’s from the Rowan book Big Just Got Bigger, using Rowan Big Wool. I have a question. Who names the patterns? Fanny???? Anyway, I’m knitting this for my daughter and she’s a twirp, so it shouldn’t take long to finish, right? I’m knitting the whole body at once and I’m past the armholes. Have I ever mentioned that I hate big needles? Give me a size 3 any day!

Now on to the sewing room. I just sat in there last night and dimmed the lights. It’s peaceful. There is no chaos in my little kingdom. The kids have been threatened with their lives if they even breathe in my room.

The sun is shining. The house is quiet. You can see the carpet. There was stuff piled about a foot high in front of the cabinets, because the cabinets were full. There are three laundry baskets of stuff that is going on ebay. If you’re a Moda fan, check back. They’re all discontinued lines. I’ll let you know when I’m listing. I have fat quarter bundles with matching background, border fabric, and sometimes backing. I’m not even going to tell you how many Moda lines I have, or maybe I will someday.

Theres not one thing on my cutting table. The cutting table is usually turned 90 degrees and sits against the back wall, but my 13 year old interior decorator suggested that I needed a change. It’s on wheels so if it bugs me, I can turn it back. This way I can work from both sides. That’s nice for cutting. The bulletin board is for keeping track of my kids papers. It’s helped a lot.

Now that it’s clean, I want to repaper it. I’ve looked at these flowers for 11 years. But I’d rather quilt.

The color of this picture is off, but I’m too lazy to fix it. Gotta love the snow. It’s 1 degree here today. Yes, that’s fahrenheit, thank you very much. I love sewing machines like my husband loves cars. Yes, the cars very much work to my advantage. A sewing machine is much cheaper than a car. I have a Bernina 1260 that is my favorite machine in the whole world. On the left is my second favorite. It’s a Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter. It’s fast. I mean faaaaaaast. It makes sewing on borders much less of a chore. I also have an embroidery machine that’s hiding on the floor. As soon as my new refurbished laptop shows up, that will have to come out again.

And here’s how I usually view the world.

Slightly cockeyed.

I gotta go sew. Bye!


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

19 thoughts on “True Confessions, Part 1

  1. I bet you could finish that blue sweater today! I would rather have a small needle than large as well. I prefer not to go over size 5…there are some really cute patterns on larger needles though.

    Hooray for your sewing room! It looks great:) I don’t even have my own craft room, let alone just for sewing. I’d take a hole in the wall if I could get it!

    I would support you, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be much help. I only have 8 things on the needles and 3 of them are close to complete. Plus I’ve already shown all but 3 of them on my blog. But I will be encouraging, if you will take that!

  2. What a wonderful room you have there! I certainly don’t blame you for wanting to look at new wallpaper. I have only three things on the needles plus one crochet project. But I’m in your cheering section!

  3. I love your room. It is nice and large, full of storage and a beautiful view! How wonderful.

  4. Sign me up. You need to finish your Peacock Feathers, I’ll hold your virtual hand in the final rows if you need me to.
    How many UFO’s do you really have?? I’ll tell if you tell.

  5. Oh man… yesterday I was feeling all encouraged that I wasn’t the only one who had a messy desk and now you had to go and make it all clean. Geesh.

    What a great room though! I’m quite jealous…. and all those cabinets! Very nice!

    I wish I could join your support group, but I’ve gotten much better about starting too many projects. Well, big ones anyway… I have several socks going. But only because my slightly (ha) obsessive ADD brain starts to get stressed if too many wips are laying around. Then I have to hide some. Then I forget about them. This, however, does not stop me from buying yarn for projects I might knit. So if you want to start a support group for stashing, I’d fit in there.

  6. What a beautiful room, I love the cabinets.

  7. Jealousy is now my middle name!! I want a studio like that!!! Maybe I can find space in our new home plans for one.

    I have listed my UFOs under the link 2008 Goals in my sidebar. That way I don’t have to see them every time I visit the blog. Each month I am listing the goals of the month under it.

  8. Your sewing room is lovely, now do mine.
    I put up my ufo’s at the first of the year, you may link to it you wish.

  9. Sign me up! My husband “suggested” I might want to finish a project before starting another, can you believe it! At first I was offended and a little hurt. Didn’t my husband GET IT about my knitting addiction? But alas, I started searching high and low for any project bag containing partially knit items and I have to confess I stopped looking and counting at 25. I think I need to spend 2008 finishing these projects. I can’t remember when they went from excited starting, to push to the side, I’ll finish later knits. Oh by the way, hello Maria, I have been a reader for about the last 4 months and love your blog.

  10. Your UFO’s are beautiful! Soemtimes, I think I have UFO’s just because they are so darn pretty and I just want to keep working on them, I don’t really want to finish them!

    Love your sewing room! I would just love to have space of my own like that!

  11. I love the shawls. The blue is so vibrant on each of them. Surely they should be finished before anything else. My WIP amounts to 3 very unexciting items. I want to finish them so I can start something more fun. Stay out of that sewing room- keep it clean and knit!!

  12. Hi Maria – what a gorgeous room you have! I started my UFO’s on my blog, but it was too much work. Besides, I already have a photo album (Unfinished Projects!!!). So I’m adding more pictures in the album and add more description. So far, I have photos for 15 projects, but I know there are more that I hid in bags and tucked in bins!

    So how do we go about starting this support group? Should we start one on Ravelry?

  13. I am envious of the room! The views are great, the closets are fab, all the table top space. *drools* Ah well, I do have a room… just not so large, not such great storage space, and REALLY a disorganized mess! So I need to work on that.

    Thanks for the great photos.

  14. The room is WONDERFUL.
    But only three WIPS and you feel the need to confess?
    I’ve blathered on about working on three in a day… four even.

    I’m happy to confess, and join the support group, as long as you admit to another three. Otherwise, you’re just showing off (grin).

  15. that room is GORGEOUS! I enjoyed the progress of your projects as well as the comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one with more than one thing on my needles…okay…maybe more than 5.

  16. I’m jeoulous. Such a beautiful work area with a view! Thanks for the before & after photos!

  17. I have serious sewing room envy! You lucky girl!

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