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Tiny Needles!


It’s True Confessions: Tiny Needles Edition.

Before we get to the UFO’s, I finished something! It’s Fanny! I griped and complained my way through the finishingof this project. I hate big needles and I was sure the sleeves would look like crap when I put them in, if they even fit. Then I looked on ravelry, and that really helped. I found a couple of cute finished sweaters. That got me going again. Let me just tell you that this is one of the most perfect sweaters I’ve ever made. It may have something to do with the cute little person modeling it too!

I should have adjusted the sweater a little before I took the pictures, but, oh well! It’s a little bluer than the photo. It’s not gray. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I hate gray. It’s not a color. Here’s a back shot. Isn’t that shawl collar awesome? She sewed up one of the sleeve seams and did a great job. I should have taken a picture. I had about two yards of yarn left when I finished. Yikes!

  • The pattern:  Fanny in Rowan’s Big Just Got Bigger book.
  • The yarn:  Rowan Big Wool
  • The needles:  Size 15  Yuck!
  • No modifications, except a few cables I screwed up.  Usually I fix that stuff, but this sweater was annoying me.

And just to show you that everyone needs a friend…

I couldn’t find her the other day. When I walked into the front entry, there she was, hugging her little buddy.

And now for True Confessions: The WIP’s are piling up. Are you shocked yet? I’m not near finished either. I don’t quit working on things because I don’t like them. I just see other yarn and patterns that need to be explored!

I don’t have a baby around right now, and I’ve asked my kids to not make me a grandma for ten years. So why am I knitting baby stuff? It’s so fun! I’m working on this Dale of Norway baby cardigan. It’s just too cute!

And there’s my darling Brittany Jumper by Minnowknits. It’s knit with Tahki Cotton Classic. (It really is knit on such tiny needles.) I’m making it longer and changing the pattern on the bodice. It’s a size 3 for a little niece that’s only 7 months yet!

The other two projects on little needles are two Hanne Falkenberg projects. Lascala has 480 stitches per row. It’s supposed to be knit in two pieces and grafted. I didn’t see any reason to do that, so I’m doing it all in one piece.

And there’s Mermaid. I’m over half done with the body. It’s a true brainless project, because of Amy’s spreadsheet.

I’m trying to finish my last sock from Rockin’ Sock Club 2007, because the first shipment of 2008 shipped this week. I’m trying to decide if I want to do a different toe, just for the challenge.

I’m also working on a quilted valance for my laundry room. I’m trying to make the laundry room inviting so that red wash machine and dryer want to come and live here!

Kid 2 (the one with the new sweater) is at a piano competition right now. Kid 4 is helping collect scores at a volleyball tournament. She’s only 9, but would be quite capable of running the tournament. So right now, only the boys are here. It’s nice and quiet.

Oh, I have a news flash concerning the college girl. When I talked to her last night, she was half finished binding off her Spider Web Shawl. She’s sending it to me to block. Maybe next week, I’ll get to give you a peek!

Have a great weekend. I may have a laundry room shot tomorrow. We’ll see.

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9 thoughts on “Tiny Needles!

  1. I love the mermaid colorway! Must explore my color choices and use the Garn Studio knock off pattern for one. I have purple and chartreuse?

  2. I love the Mermaid!
    And the other Falkenberg (no… I will not succumb. One at a time is enough… really –get back foul temptress!).. And I only wish I knew about that spreadsheet earlier!! (duh, of course I’ve emailed her).

    Meanwhile, Fanny makes me want to buy a Rowan book. I never want to buy Rowan books! What are you DOING to me! I say again, back foul temptress!

  3. What is it about that red washer-dryer pair that speaks to us???? SO glad to see you have an FO — always seems like such success! Each WIP crossed off the list makes us feel so happy! And, seeing the college shawl will be a delight! Stay warm!

  4. I love the red washer and dryer too. But I cannot complain, I have a great front loading stacked set. Boring white, but they work great!

    I was hoping you might post a STR spoiler?!?! I could not justify joining this year, as I am a relatively new sock knitter, and have not tried ANY of them from last year yet! But I really want to see what they are sending out!!

    Thanks if you are able to do it!!

  5. Wow, the cabled sweater is perfect, and like just the think I’ve been looking for for my oldest! :0) I’ll have to check out that book.

    The Dale sweater is too sweet, I can see why you can’t help yourself! And Mermaid is amazing, I’m so impressed.

  6. I’m wearing a big ol’ ear-to-ear grin right now. I am delighted beyond belief. This wip unveiling just gets better and better! And boy, do I feel better about the yarn sale I just hit… and the pattern that I’m about to run out and buy because I must start it today!

    Your new sweater looks great! I’m sure your daughter is loving it. I like the shawl collar. It reminds me of a vest pattern I saw. I just need yarn for it. Hmmm… gotta go.

  7. I have the red washer and dryer and still I can’t get all my knitting done.
    Fanny is wonderful, good work. And now I want to knit another Mermaid.

  8. You are SO talented! And the red washer and dryer are SOOO COOOOL!!!

  9. You do such beautiful work!

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