Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Modular Madness


True Confessions: Modular Editions

There’s a fine line between creativity and craziness, and I think I’ve crossed it here. We’ll start off easy and progress to insanity.

First is a Vivian Hoxbro pattern that I’ve only played with a little bit. It’s the Wine Leaves sweater. The colors are much better than this photo.  It’s done on 2 double points.  I think they’re size 3.  I may not be feeling the love on this one.  There’s not even enough done to frog!  Those little squares are probably 1 1/2 inches!

The next project is almost finished. It’s the Dancing Crayons Poncho from Chris Bylsma. It’s a gift that I need to finish.

And then there’s one more project for Honey. It’s my adaptation from a pattern in the book Dazzling Knits. My photos aren’t the greatest. I’m going to fill in the bottom with half triangles and pick up stitches for a ribbing on the bottom. The colors are deep and rich.

This is a project that I have to get back at. I never would have looked twice at the pattern in the book. I saw it in person and loved it. It’s in the Module Magic book. The pattern is called Nevada City Windows. It’s knit with Brown Sheep worsted and assorted Noro Kureyon colors. Here’s a glimpse.

What’s this?

It’s lots of Koigu, that’s for sure. What’s it for?

What are these for?


It’s the Magique Cloak from Knits from a Painter’s Palette by Maie Landra, the genius behind Koigu. Will I ever make it? I don’t know, but just looking at those gorgeous colors makes me smile.

Speaking of Koigu, I got three more colors done on my second Koigu Shawl.  I just love knitting with this stuff.  It’s soft, stretchy, and the colors are amazing.  Here, take a look.

I just hope it doesn’t look like someone threw paint at a billboard when I wear it.  There are four more colors, but it’s getting slower.  I’m up to about 540 stitches per row.

I also worked on the last Socks that Rock 2007 socks.  The first one is done and I’m about 3 inches down the leg of the second.  I put in just a few minutes on the Irtfa’a shawl.   I really need a block of time when it’s quiet to work on this.  Both the front and back rows are patterned, so there’s no break.  Thinking is hard work for me, ya know!

I also finished the valance for my laundry room, but I forgot to take a picture.  It’s OK, but not wonderful.  I’ll post a photo next time.

Oh, and Helen nominated me for this award.  She said I make her day even if I am “an evil temptress”.  What did I do?  I only gave you a few yarn and project ideas.  Oh, well.  I can just call her “that knitting lawyer lady”.  Ha! Ha!

Anyway, if you’ll look back here, you will see that I was nominated before, by someone that didn’t call me names.  (Just kidding Helen!  I can take it.)

I have to go put away last weeks laundry, so I can start this weeks!  Job security!   And the Koigu is calling!


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7 thoughts on “Modular Madness

  1. Well, a little craziness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? :0) Look at all that Koigu!

  2. Lawyer lady here.
    I can take it too {GRIN}
    I”m also not being tempted by all those ideas for my koigu drawer….. (doesn’t everyone have one?)

  3. What can I say? Your WIPs make me smile!

  4. Hey thanks for the comment! There’s no way I could not miss my mom–she was definitely with me on that trip to Iris so I’ll think of her often when I’m knitting. She is, after all, who passed the crazy on to me 🙂

    and oh my GOODNESS, that’s a lot of modular colorness. And holy KOIGU! With that Magique Cloak finished, you could probably get a staring roll in Joseph! 😛

  5. I have been meaning to comment for a very long time. I have so enjoyed following your projects ever since I found the entry regarding your Kauni. I love watching all your colorful projects come to life. Knit on!

  6. I am blown away by all the beautiful things you are creating. So full of color! I, too, love that coat!!!! I would wear it every day!

  7. I love all your knitting projects…gorgeous!

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