Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Chaos Reigns Supreme


Conversation on the way to church:

7 year old son: Mom, how does a baby get in your tummy?

9 year old daughter: Do you just……kiss or something?

7 year old son: Do you just pray and ask God for a baby?

Mom: Yes, that’s exactly what you do!

Dodged that one!

Honey at his finest:

I have an entire photo album of crazy photos of that man!

My Medallion Travel Bag. This is what I made this thing for? Excuse me!

That dog will ride around in the bottom of the bag forever. She loves it. And yes, that is a Santa hat in February. Thanks for asking.

Mom’s stupidity:

My 1st grader (the one that prays and asks for babies!) came home last week with an assignment. It’s the 100th day of school on Thursday. He’s supposed to bring a project to school with 100 things. It’s supposed to be something we do together as a family. Yeah! Let the fighting begin. So do we stick 100 suckers in a styrofoam wreath? No! I’m too stupid for that. I suggest that we make a quilt with 100 pieces. I’d purchased a kit on ebay several years ago. It’s an I Spy food quilt. That was last Tuesday. I promptly forgot about it. Fast forward to Monday evening. “Mom, when are we going to make my quilt?” Uh, how about right NOW! So last night I made 4 patches.

And tonight he sewed the four patches to the bigger squares. I can’t even tell you how cute he was. He was just giddy! At one point, he looked at me and said, “Mom, I gotta tell ya. This sewing is fun!” He sewed all the squares into rows and I sewed the rows together. We have 100 pieces done. We’ll finish the quilt in a few weeks.

Maybe I’m not so stupid, after all!  Edit:  I just looked at the photo, and we have a couple of squares in backward.  Yep!  Maybe I am stupid after all!

Yes, I am stupid. My Koigu shawl is over 700 stitches. There’s no way it’s going to be done by Friday.

It’s not that bright (I don’t think).

Oh, and I went in and got my gray hair covered up. Now that’s a good day!

I’ll be back soon with more WIPs. Three more posts should do it.

Chaos Reigns Supreme!


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8 thoughts on “Chaos Reigns Supreme

  1. I studied the photo for quite a long time, and I must be stupid. Where’s Waldo??? The shawl is beautiful, and I hope it is that bright.

  2. What a wonderful “100 days” project. You are not stupid, you are brilliant for doing such a project with your son. I’m sure his must have been the coolest project on Tuesday.

  3. Hubby is a cutie, your children are beautiful and that shawl is simply AMAZING!!

    ; )

  4. Too funny! No, you aren’t stupid, probably sleep deprived.

  5. What a neat project to do with your child and even neater for him to share with his class! His classmates will love it and think he is brilliant!

  6. I LOVE the koigu!
    you can do it! I know you can….
    And that’s WAY more of an ambitious 100 days project than we ever did.
    Feeling a bit like a slacker mom all of a sudden….

  7. Hey, backwards patches are DESIGN! No reason to redo them!

    I love the Koigu colors. That is going to be gorgeous. Of course, I am the world’s slowest knitter, so 700 stitches?!?!!? Not gonna happen any time soon.

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