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Am I a Great Mom, Or What?


My Koigu shawl is finished. So is Lexi’s Spider’s Web shawl. Guess what is blocked and drying? Yup, my darling daughter’s shawl.

First I soaked it in Soak. And it bled, a lot!

Then I started blocking. At first I felt bad for Lexi. All that knitting. It was at about 1,200 stitches per row at the end! She did all the work and I got to block it. Part way through, I decided she owes me. Big. Here it is with the blocking wires woven through all six sides, but not pulled tight.

Then I started pulling each side tight and pinning it down. As I’d get one side nice and tight, the pins would start to pop on an already completed side. I finally got out the big dog T pins.

Here it is, Lexi! Do you love your mommy??? It’s 72 inches from point to point. And she was worried that it was going to be too small!

Tomorrow, I’m blocking my Koigu.

I’ll leave you with a sneak shot of some lace I started in Florida. No, it’s not on my WIP list, because it’s going to be finished soon. I’m not working on anything else until it’s done.

There’s a possibility that I may be blocking three lace things in one week. I think I’ll have lace out of my system for a while!


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7 thoughts on “Am I a Great Mom, Or What?

  1. Lexi, your shawl is amazing! Helps to have a nice Mom too.

  2. Not working on anything else til it’s done huh? Can we hold you to that?

  3. Very pretty Lexi. Very nice job of blocking too. Doesn’t it say on the top of the blog, “2008 is my year of lace”?????

  4. Lexi’s shawl looks great! A good blocking, I hear, is the key. 😀 I hope you’ll post a modeled shawl photo. Your current project looks intriguing.

  5. What talented women! That shawl is lovely! And what love to
    block that – my back and knee’s hurt just looking at the picture!
    Way to go ladies! Please show a modeling picture! And there’s
    more to come?

  6. I love that shawl!
    I want to KNIT that shawl!! I’m sure you’ve linked to its pattern in the past, but would you do it one more time… pretty please?

    And while you’re at it, fess up to the project that’s not a wip b/c it’ll be done so fast…. .what is it!??

  7. Ohhh, this one is pretty, too!

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