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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I’m a Blockhead


Does blocking two large shawls in less than 18 hours make you a blockhead?

Guess what’s on my guest room floor? My second Koigu Shawl.

I added a bunch of yarnovers in the bind off and it still could have been looser. I was hoping the edges would end up pointed, but they’re not. Oh, well. I had to guess on where to start the neck, as this was a pattern for a square shawl. I’m probably going to do a single crochet just to tighten the neck up a bit.

I’m loving the colors, especially with the sun shining on it. Don’t be too envious of our sunshine though, because it’s only about 2 degrees. The wind chill is -30.

And now for a couple of puppy shots. We got this dog in June of last year, and before that I always thought that people that put puppy shots on their blogs were a little…off. Yeah, and what’s your point?

It’s a green photo. Her dog bed is from Christmas, my knitting tools bag is green, and my current knitting project is green. She’s also lying on my wallet. She growls every time I try to get my credit card to order yarn. I have my credit card number memorized, so there!!!

She does love yarn.

I’ll give you a little bit more of a peep at the current project. It’s the Forest Canopy Shawl. The yarn is from Twisted. She’s doing a shop update tomorrow. The Yarn is called Shiny. It’s a 50/50 Superwash Merino/Tencel. The colorway is Karma and it’s a mutating stripe. It’s got a really nice sheen to it. I expected it to be a bit softer, but it almost has a linen feel to it. It will be interesting to see what it does when it’s blocked. I’ve already done way more repeats than the pattern specifies. I want it to be big. Why? Because bigger is better, right? And I’m not out of yarn.

Stay tuned for photos of two finished shawls. Lexi’s is absolutely gorgeous and so lightweight. I threatened to wear it once before sending it to her, but I won’t.

I need to go hand out ice cream bars. There’s a Rock Band party in my basement, and all that rockin’ is making those boys hungry.

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8 thoughts on “I’m a Blockhead

  1. Funny puppy! Your shawl is wonderful! Can hardly wait to see the koigu and Lexi’s being modeled! And this Forest Canopy…! You really Will have it done this week!!! (Oh, and despite a two inch snow pack yesterday, a flock of robins came to my corner of SW PA!!!)

  2. Wow, that Koigu shawl is awesome! And I’m really liking the Forest shawl, very pretty.

  3. Your shawl is awesome! The colors work so well together. Keep them coming! Your puppy is adorable.

  4. Congratulations! Two WIPs crossed out! And they’re gorgeous (so is puppy)!

  5. Shawls are gorgeous. I wish I had a cute dog that growled everytime I went for my Visa. Your not totally crazy until you start putting pictures of a pet guinea named pig on your blog.

  6. That is a beautiful shawl! I wonder if I will ever make it to that level of knitting…really cool!

  7. Something so satisfying about blocking isn’t there? Shawls look wonderful in their flat state, but I’d love worn views next please! Demanding wench aren’t I 😉

    Laughing at your dog photos. What a cutie. It’s love you know. Once you have kids you understand all the photos on other employee’s desktops that you secretly snickered at when you were childless. Same goes for animals on blogs. For me, it’s my pets who hang with my while I’m knitting or sewing, unlike the rest of the family, who to be fair, are banished!

    Finally, going back a few posts, I’ve got a Prism sweater that’s never been worn! I SO understand. The yarn was so enticing and I didn’t know then how to evaluate for wearability. Expensive lesson huh?

  8. So, I’m talking to Helen (Shadowdancer) on the phone while reading your blog and noticing the absolutely gorgeous Koigu shawl you just knit and coveting. Helen ordered me to go and tell you how beautiful I find it and stated that if I signed my comment “the Divine (though blogless) Elizabeth”, you would even know who I am. So….

    That Koigu shawl is freakin’ gorgeous!!!!! Good job! 🙂

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