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I Am So Organized


I have dinner in the crockpot.  I just have to plug it in.


Oh, I guess I should take it out of the packages first.  I bought Sandra Lee’s Semi-homemade crock pot cookbook last week.  As you can see, we’re having pork chops.  If it’s not good, at least it will be hot and filling.

Actually, I’m not the least bit organized.

1.  Every room in my house is messy.

2.  Two rooms need wallpaper.

3.  I have a puppy that’s still using my carpet as a restroom.

4.  I’m not getting much knitting done.

5.  I really need to start exercising.

6.  I need to do laundry.

7.  I have friends coming over to quilt tomorrow.

Yikes!  I really need to just take a week and be an adult.  If I pounded it for a week, at least my house would be somewhat in order.  And if I worked hard enough, I wouldn’t have to exercise.  Does anybody have a cork for the puppy?  There!  All my problems are solved.

I did make one kid happy this week.

I quilted her quilt.  The binding is on, but not hand stitched.

I’ve had my quilting machine for quite a while, but I wanted to be instantly good at it, but since I’m not, I’ve put off using it much.  And I get annoyed at my kids when they quit too easily.

I’m very happy with the way this turned out.  Now I have to keep at it.  After I’m done being an adult, that is.  Oh, and you’ll probably never see a photo of it on her bed.  Her room is too messy.

On the knitting front, I’ve been working on my Must Have Cardi.  I’ve been spending more time in my sewing room recently, so it’s not moving too fast.

I’m knitting the whole body at once, so they’re pretty long rows.  The yarn is Classic Elite Waterlily and I’m loving the softness of it.  I’ve got about an inch to go until I divide it at the armholes.  Believe it or not, it’s a pretty mindless pattern.

I still haven’t blocked my Forest Canopy Shawl.  Soon!

I’m off to clean up a few more messes.  Having people over does motivate me to clean up at least a little bit.  My friends won’t be too surprised at the messes.  They know me.  They’ll put up with anything to have a quilt day.


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14 thoughts on “I Am So Organized

  1. The sweater is gorgeous! I love that color. I wish I had a quilting machine. Maybe someday when we get rid of the kids. 😉

  2. That quilt is beautiful!

    I love the sweater, too!

    Good luck with everything else.

    ; )

  3. The quilt is beautiful. It is difficult to see from the photo, is the flower pieced, or appliquéd on top? I love the way it looks.

  4. I think you must be Wonder Woman. I marvel at what you do as I continue to knit socks…

  5. I really need to finish something so I can start the must have cardi.
    I wonder if I can make it with the yarn I just acquired…. or maybe something in the stash. That would be too easy, wouldn’t it. I’ll likely have to shop, buy MORE yarn…
    Maybe I should just sell my whole stash and only buy yarn for specific projects……
    Nahh.. that’s crazy talk.

  6. Okay, I laughed at the crock pot, your house sounds like mine, I’m not the only one! The quilt is lovely and so is your daughter. And you got some knitting done. Just tell them to squint when they come in your house and it really doesn’t look all that bad!

  7. I am twelve kinds of jealous over that quilting machine (and the room in which it lives). The quilt is nearly as pretty as its intended victim user! And the crock pot pic cracked me up. So often I have great plans for dinner and find myself looking up from my work (I work from home) at 4:30 or 5:00 o’clock and thinking, “Dang…what can I make QUICK!” The cardi is lovely and I’m wishing I had the gumption to finish the two I have in progress so I could start something new (I’m trying to reform…you know…actually finish things?).

  8. “Be an adult” huh? Wow… I’m gonna need some time to wrap my head around that one.

  9. Love the crock pot photo. If only it were that easy. Love the quilt. Good luck with to do list.

  10. I think we were separated at birth. I sold my quilting machine to my sister in law for cheap- my house is a wreck and I don’t want to be an adult either. I have 2 kids home for spring break- eating everything in sight and expecting home cooked meals. You know they were “too poor” to go to the Carribean- I didn’t fall for that one! They’re stuck in Indiana with the parents.

  11. Your aran is looking great. But oh my, the quilt! Lovely.

  12. What a wonderful quilt ! And please tell me : how does a crockpot work ?
    Kind regards

  13. Darn, I just wrote a nice, long comment, then forgot to enter the author details and lost the whole thing. My sieve of a brain has already forgotten it!

    So, in a nutshell… Jealous of quilt machine … love your quilting from it … new medallion quilt is just perfect on your bed (regardless of the messy floor) … Noro is beautiful … great cables.

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