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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I’m Not A Total Loser…..Am I?


Last night I was looking at the search engine terms that people used to find my blog.  Most of them were related to my Kauni, knitting, or passing down crazy.  But one really cracked me up.  It was “how not to be a total loser”.  Uh, dude, how about getting off the internet, taking a shower, and getting out in public.  Hmmm…maybe I should try that.

And then I realized that “I’m Not a Total Loser” was the title of one of my posts.  Crud!

So, besides hanging out on the internet, not showering, and staying home, what did I do today?  I hung out in here:

How ugly is this room right now?  The shades were closed because we have fresh white snow and lots of sunshine, and I was blinded.  Here’s my sewing room a couple of months ago.  (Scroll down)  I ordered the wallpaper today.  It’s going to be red and white.  Don’t look for a new photo for a while.  I’m going to have to dread papering it for a while!

I’m putting my Swell quilt together today.  I think I’m going to have two all time favorite quilts in one week!

Hopefully, I’ll have a much better photo of it in the next few days.

I also have a yarn review for you.

This is Noro Taiyo, color 5.  It’s probably the most gorgeous yarn I’ve seen in a long time.  The gauge is about the same as Silk Garden.  I got 4.5 stitches per inch on a six needle, but I’m a loose knitter.

Isn’t the color amazing?  I did a test swatch, and then started A Cardigan for Arwen.   I’m not sure about it.  The yarn has zero stretch, so the cable is miserable to work.  (It feels like Iro, only it’s softer.)  And before I had 2 inches done, I hit a knot.  I heard from someone else, that they only found one knot in the skein.  The skein has 220 yards, and it’s $18.00 a skein.  That sounds high, but if you do the math, it’s cheaper than Silk Garden.

I don’t have to call it a WIP until I decide if I’m really going to make Arwen.  Hey, I started this dumb game of revealing all our WIP’s, so I get to change make the rules.

I also worked on Irtfa’a quite a bit this weekend.  I made it past the second chart.  I did one section of the feathers, and it’s much easier than the first two charts.

Speaking of losers:

Look what the kids did to our poor dog.  She is harassed all weekend long.  She’s thrilled when the kids go back to school.  She slept all day today.

She is such a bum.

Since I’ve been a loser all day, I’m going to go back to my ugly sewing room and work on my gorgeous quilt.

Tomorrow:  Laundry!


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8 thoughts on “I’m Not A Total Loser…..Am I?

  1. The quilt is amazing!!

    Lord, if you are a loser, what does that make of the rest of us?!

    ; )

  2. I’d never heard of this yarn, but it sure is pretty! I love the idea of Noro for Arwen. :0)

  3. Did you HAVE to go invoking Yarn Lust? really? Was that kind?
    And, personally, I love your sewing room as it is. Bright — windows for when what’s outside is good — real daylight when you want it…
    and the lack of color just means that the color of what ever you’re working on can SING!
    I’d skip the wall paper and hang hanks of luscious yarn on the wall….

  4. Your quilts are gorgeous! 🙂

    If I could reach into the screen and snatch the Noro I would, it’s so pretty 🙂

  5. HI Maria! I have kept myself from going to the yarn shop. Stash too large and such, I keep telling myself. This particular yarn slid in under the radar for me. Didn’t even know it existed. It’s fun to read your blog, we have similar taste in yarn type (Noro, prism, and many others you knit with) with slightly different color preferences so it’s fun to see how the same yarns knit up in a different color than mine. I knit the baseball jacket from Noro the first year I learned to knit! It is knit front, back and sleeves in entralac. I keep thinking I need to re knit now that I have ten additional years of experience and update the pattern for todays fashion taste. The quilt looks beautiful! You have inspired me to dig out U of Iowa daughter’s room and convert into sewing room so I can drag out unfinished quilts. Stay warm!

  6. You have an eye for gorgeous colors! Love that Noro yarn! Luckily, I have too much Kureyon and Garden Silk stashed so no more Noro for me! What’s wrong with your sewing room?

    Keep going with your Arwen so you’ll have another WIP (WIP!! WIP!! WIP!!)… How’s the Must Have Cardi coming along??? (remember – I’m supposed to encourage you to finish your WIP – but I’m worst than you! I’ve CO’ed so many socks lately it’s not funny!)

  7. And no one has mentioned how gorgeous your dog is. It’s almost like mine, in reverse.
    Mine’s at

  8. Um, NO!! You might be a little too funny, though. Seriously, I had to stop laughing before I could admire that beautiful quilt and delicious yarn!

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