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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

One More Shot


Honey didn’t approve of the last two pictures of me. Is this better? I’ve always been known as the moron in my knitting and quilting group, because I love tackling quilts with a gazillion pieces, or a knitting project that’s really hard. I like to challenge my brain once in a while.

Here are my bifocals. Everyone says you’ll hate them at first. Maybe it’s because I had a headache whem I put them on, but I feel better already. I should go knit a while and see how they work! Yeah! That’s a great excuse.

Hey, Honey, the gray hair is gone too! I added highlights this time. I was having to go in every 5-6 weeks to cover up my skunk stripe. I’m hoping the highlights will help blend in the gray a bit.

In case you’re wondering what the Dream in Color Smooshy is going to be, it’s the Waves in The Square Shawl. I’m using the color Beach Fog, ordered from The Loopy Ewe. It’s going pretty quickly. Photos coming soon!

My next post will be from balmy Big Sky, Montana! Honey and I and five kids, along with my sister and husband and their 4 girls are going skiing. I’m not skiing. I’m the head cook. But I’m planning on lots of knitting time too, as is college girl!

There’s 103″ of snow there. My kids have never seen that much snow, and their Texas cousins surely haven’t.

Gotta go pack!


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3 thoughts on “One More Shot

  1. Have a great time! Show us lots of FO’s! Bifocals aren’t so bad (even Lexi the 11 year old next door got them when she was 9!)

  2. Looks like extreme makeover. Can I have your hair?

  3. Thought I would answer your question about my Bee Field Shawl here. I ordered from The Woolen Rabbit. The kit included yarn and pattern and was only $36-
    My initial knitting went smooth, it wasn’t until I had to rip out a few rows and reknit because of a mistake I made that I noticed the yarn starting to felt. I actually had to cut about an inch of knitting from my shawl, Russian join the yarn and knit. I found the more I worked the yarn the more it felted. I finally took the yarn off the needles and started with different yarn. I believe the yarn was a merino wool. This is only my experience with this yarn. I have never heard of anyone else having this problem, but to be truthful, I don’t know of anyone else that has knit from this kit.

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