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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I Think I’m Stuck!


I just sat down, and may never get up again. You see, I wallpapered my sewing room today. I used muscles I didn’t know I had.

My 9 year old decided to be my photographer. I had to delete a lot of butt shots! I didn’t mean for my clothes to match, but it just worked that way. I went out in public like that twice! First I needed more sizing and then I couldn’t find my level. Fortunately, I didn’t run into anyone I knew.

I was on a ladder on top of the countertop. That ceiling is about 12 feet high. I’ve run out of both papers, so I can’t finish. I really like it though.  Wow!  Those flowers are bigger than my head.

I have to show you one more shot of Lexi’s Spider’s Web Shawl.

In case you don’t remember, I blocked it for her about a month ago. She didn’t really want me to mail it to her. She’s pretty happy with it! She should be too! It’s awesome.

I’ve been working on my Must Have Cardi, my Waves in the Square Shawl, and I started a stealth project. I usually don’t knit for anyone except family, so it’s a surprise. And no, it’s not a Mother’s Day gift for either mom. Sorry!!!

Here’s a final parting shot of Montana.

Have I mentioned how much I loved it there?

Tomorrow: Clean up messes in this house!!!


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7 thoughts on “I Think I’m Stuck!

  1. Wow, that wallpaper is freakin’ awesome. As is the shawl. Truly amazing.

  2. LOVE the wall paper!!

    Well done!

    Lexi did an amazing job. Maybe, one day, I will be able to do something half as nice as her shawl…

    ; )

  3. I know some other people who have Nick & Noras like yours. They are our Door County PJs.

    And does your talent never end? Do you remove wallpaper too(for hire?)?

  4. You are ever so much braver than I. The most I’ll do with wall paper is a border around the top of the room. Did that once for my step-daughters room about oh… 16 years ago. Figured if her dad and I could survive that little exercise, we could survive marriage.
    I’ll stick with paint, thank you.
    or yarn.
    I think I neeeeed ot make that spider web shawl for my ownself.

  5. Fabulous wallpaper!!! Can’t wait to see it all finished. And such a gorgeous shawl.

  6. Wow – your knitting is spectacular and now you can wallpaper?! How fun that you match it. Thanks for a fun blog!

  7. Now that is very happy wallpaper! Wonderful.

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