Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

And The Award Goes To…..


Tammy! She won the 100th blog post contest. Yup! It’s my 100th post. I feel like I should have balloons and streamers or something.

I “met” Tammy a few months ago through blogging. Somehow, I think we must be related. We both have 5 kids. We’re both knitting addicts. So many times she’ll relate something about her kids or husband, and I just nod and think, “yes, that’s my life”. Anyway, Tammy chose the sock yarn, and as fast as she knits, she’ll have the socks done by the time I mail the yarn to her. (Sorry! We’ve been telling blonde jokes at our house. It’s our resident blonde daughter telling the jokes!)

What have I been up to? One kid had to do a family tree.

It was actually really fun. Honey found the manifest document of one of his great grandparents. He emigrated from Norway. I feel really blessed when I think back to the awesome grandparents and great grandparents I had. My son has one great grandma around yet. She’s 95 years young and she’s an amazing lady!

Let’s see. What other exciting things have I been up to? Oh, I know. I made swamp scum.

This is the chicken curry we had for dinner the other night. Fortunately, it tasted better than it looked!

My sewing room is coming together. I put a quilt on the quilt rack today.

It’s not the perfect quilt for that spot, but it will do until I get the perfect one finished. The wood floor goes in on April 14.

On the knitting front, I’m still plugging along on my Waves in the Square Shawl. The rows are taking me about 25 minutes each now. I want it done, because there’s some Handmaiden Sea Silk waiting for me.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that commented on my 100th post. You’re all so nice! If I can make people smile and feel better after reading my blog, then I’m happy. Life can be tough sometimes, and if I can make someone’s day better, then passingdowncrazy is a success.

Several of you have mentioned Lexi. She just finished a project for a young friend and she’s promised to guest blog. You can keep Lexi in your prayers. She’s been battling some nasty migraines for the last few months. She’s started a process with a headache clinic, so we’re hoping to find some answers.

Well, I’m off to tackle my kitchen. The floor looks great, because the puppy takes her job much more seriously than I do. I just don’t get a kick out of licking every inch of the counters, like she does the floor. I’m going to give that kitchen a lick and a promise. Haaaaaa! Ha! Ha! I’m so funny. Get it? A lick????? And I’m not even a blonde! I’m hand painted. Brown over gray.

Ok, I’ll quit. G’night!


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5 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To…..

  1. Awww… poor Lexi. I will be praying. I’ve battled headaches/migraines off and on since my college years myself.

    Yippee & thanks again for the fun prize!

  2. Oh my gosh ! what a gorgeous quilt!!! Its lovely!!!


  3. Hopefully when Lexi can relax and has finished this school year she will find the migraines go away. Mine were stress related. An over the counter painkiller called Percogesic helped me…tho the first thing was an rx “inderal” that’s often prescribed for heart problems — it’s keeping the blood flowing. I didn’t need the rx after changing lifestyle. A friend of mine had a neurologist show her that eating ice cream till an ice cream headache comes on also helps many people! Have a great visit with Mom! And, congrats on your 100th post!

  4. Here’s hoping the migraines are caused by something simple, easily isolatable, and thus easily gotten rid of… like… oh,… something in the cleanser she’s been using… I hate to admit it, but regular exercise helped mine. All but the monthly one went away, and that one abated. And drinking lots more water too…

    Meanwhile, the sewing room looks marvelous! I wish any room in my house looked that well put together.
    Can I run away? or must I stick around to fix the house?

  5. hand painted! Ha! You crack me up!
    I’ll keep Lexi in my prayers, I get migraines, too. I get them from allergy triggers and hormones… such a joy. NOT!

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