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Oh For Pete’s Sake


I’d  swear this shawl had eight sides.  See!  One, two…..

I worked on it last night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I got up this morning and worked on it.  I cleaned the guest room for my mom.  I worked on it some more.  I thought about cleaning up the laundry room.  I worked on it even more!

The pattern:  Silvia Hardings Waves in the Square Shawl.

Yarn:  Dream in Color Smooshy  Colorway: Beach Fog.  I used 2 1/3 skeins

Size 5 needles

The bind off took forever.  After you bind off six stitches, you knit on two more and add a bead.

It’s on the floor in my clean bedroom with the ceiling fan on high.  It may want to go along on my Three Old Bags, and One In Training Tour.  Oh, yeah.  You’re wondering about that.

Before Christmas, honey and I were discussing what to get our moms for Christmas.  (Their birthdays are December 18 and 20.  How’s that for inconsiderate of them???)  We decided that my mom doesn’t want or need anything and honey’s mom can’t quilt fast enough for more fabric. So, I came up with the unbelievably stupid brilliant idea of taking them on a retreat.  So I rented a villa at a spa.  We’re going to knit, quilt, eat and sleep.  We’re going to get massaged, pedicured, facialed, and made over.  I’m sure there will be shopping included as well.  And then they’re going to buy me really nice birthday presents!

So, now I’ll bet you’re wondering who the third Old Bag is.  My mom’s sister is coming along.  That way my mom can take care of her instead of taking care of me.  Oh, and she’s really funny.  She shoots rabbits and garden hoses and stuff!

Hopefully I’ll find internet access somewhere so I can tell you about all their senior moments.  Actually, I probably won’t be able to tell you, because I can’t remember anything for more than an hour anymore!

I have to go dig in yarn and fabric for a while!  That’s the hardest part to pack.

More later!

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14 thoughts on “Oh For Pete’s Sake

  1. What a beautiful shawl! Have a great time with your Moms (and Aunt)! Ooooh, I’m jealous of all the pampering you’re going to get. You deserve it though!

  2. Wow! I can’t wait to see your shawl in action. I just finished a Shetland Triangle Shawl with some DIC Smooshy. It’s only a blob now. I think I want to get some of those blocking wires to make the blocking easier. I hope I wear it. Do you wear all the beautiful shawls you make?

  3. That shawl looks great! I just bought my first set of blocking wires hoping to make the blocking process a little bit faster and easier. Have fun on your retreat, I love spending time with my mom and her sister. They are so funny when they get together and start talking about the past and their sister rivalry. My hubby’s birthday is December 15th so I know how hard it is to plan Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. You came up with a brilliant idea and I think they will all remember this weekend fondly. Enjoy the pampering, my favorite is the foot massage during the pedicure!

  4. Gorgeous! but then you knew that.
    I wonder if my two skeins of sea silk would be enough….. I like the idea of seaweed being knit into waves…

  5. Wow, that looks amazing! Really nicely done! :0)

  6. Oh, that is lovely!

    I’m gathering my courage to attempt lace in the very near future.

    ; )

  7. Absolutley gorgeous!!!

    I think I may have to pull mine from the UFO pile and finish it up (I have about 40% done)

  8. dang it, I so want to knit lace…
    One day…

    You will have so much fun on the 3 old bags tour… I know your mom is a hoot! I think she mentioned brining something to get you to finish???
    Oh, maybe i wasn’t supposed to tell. :^x

    We will miss her at our knit night tonight, though!

  9. That colorway is so calming and your lacework is gorgeous! I’ve dreamed of beaded edges, but not had the wherewithal to try. I’m very, very impressed. Beautiful!

    Have a great time – looking forward to reading about it.

  10. Holy Smokes! That shawl is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I am so impressed — You are so talented…wow! I’m loving the wallpaper in the sewing room…worth all the hard work of taking it down, it looks great. I’ll have to come over and see it when it’s all finished…hope you have a good time on your spa vacation ~~

  11. Wow! That’s all I can say. I long for the days when I’m capable of something so amazing. Well Done.

  12. What an excellent idea for a mom and/or mom in law present. Who doesn’t want to go to a spa (with knitting or quilting of course). Stunning shawl. Nice shape for staying put on shoulders (I guess that would be Faroese?). The beading is a lovely detail.

  13. I’m waiting for a post from the retreat. Are you old bags having fun?

  14. Gorgeous shawl!

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