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And Now For The Rest Of The Story…


I didn’t really put them in the Loony Bin. They put me here.

The Three Old Bags and One In Training was a blast! My Aunt and I left Sunday morning from my house. We picked up my mom at the Minneapolis airport. We then headed for my mother-in-laws. We stopped at Fabric Town and loaded up on more quilt fabric. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. We also stopped at Knitters Palette in Lakeville. It’s a really nice yarn shop.

We then hopped in the car and made the 3 1/2 hour trek to the Wisconsin Dells. We stayed in a gorgeous villa at a spa. This is what we did a lot of the time.

And my mom did this:

She’s making Something Red. It’s a pattern by Knit and Tonic. The yarn is Fiesta Boomerang and the color is Caribbean. It’s much prettier than the photo. She always sat around looking this perfect. Not!

We also spent time at the spa. There were manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. I had a Hot Rock massage. It was heaven. I’ve had 2 massages in my life and didn’t think I liked them that much. I changed my mind.

Oh, and there were makeovers.

My aunt made two table toppers and quilted one.  She also did a bit of knitting

We also ate at some wonderful restaurants. If you’re ever in the Dells and are in the mood for Italian, try Sarento’s. They even have music on their site. I will have to say the most wonderful dinner was at Fields.

Here’s a picture of contentment:

Honey’s mom got a long ways into two projects. (Notice the snow!)

I finished one quilt top for my mom.

This is Moda’s Bluebonnet Trail fabric. Mom lives in Texas, so she was pretty happy with this.

I also made all the blocks for a new pattern that’s coming out. Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures has two new books and two patterns coming out in time for Quilt Market. And I get to play with them. Ha! Ha! Let me just tell you, these books are worth the wait.

The fabric is Sweet Baby Jane by Moda. It uses an entire Jelly Roll. I ordered the border fabric last night. That one bright block in the middle is bothering me. I also need to rearrange the blocks a bit.

I also started the Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson of Knitspot. I’m loving the Handmaiden Sea Silk, but the pattern isn’t the easiest I’ve ever done. More photos of that later.

It was a perfect trip! The trip home was less than perfect though. It rained all the way back to Minneapolis and it was about 34 degrees. We couldn’t even stay in Minneapolis and play, because we were racing a snowstorm to my house. We just made it.  School was canceled today because of snow!  It’s April!

Oh, and I brought my mom home to a house full of stomach flu!  Honey got to stay home with sick kids for a day.  And he got it last night.  Thanks, honey, for playing Mr. Mom.

Life isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.  I am very blessed.

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7 thoughts on “And Now For The Rest Of The Story…

  1. Your mother and aunt are beautiful!

    What a wonderful weekend with lots of girl time and crafty goodness.

    The husband does get a bonus.

    Hope everyone is feeling well now.

    ; )

  2. excellent. this was all about the sewing machine. The Confessions Trip will so not duplicate this. YAY. You must come!

  3. Nice quilting. I enjoy your blog, nice to get a little quilting mixed in with the knitting.

  4. I bet there was a lot of laughter on that trip! I’m impressed with how much you all got done…
    I keep telling your mom she is a better knitter than she gives herself credit for… maybe one day she will believe it too. :^)
    Looks like you all had fun. I’m glad you beat the storm, but I’m also hoping the stomach flu has left your house.

  5. All 3 old bags look soooo great! And the one in training looks great too!

    I’m glad you had fun.

  6. What a great idea to go and spend fabulous creative time with some of the people you love most in the world – creating heirlooms and memories all in one fell swoop. Wish my sister could knit…. My mum used to be a fantastic knitter but has lost the creative urge along the way. Mind you, with a bit of gentle persuasion, she might get re-energised. I did give her some of my stash recently after she coveted a scarf I’d made (very simply, using funky yarn, so nothing too intricate). Who knows??

    Thanks for sharing.

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