Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Well Then…


This weekend.  I don’t even know where to start.  How do you describe three days of emotions?  Honey and I so totally enjoyed hanging out with uncles and aunts and cousins.  (I’ve accused Honey of marrying me for my extended family.  He doesn’t deny it!)   There were lots of stories and laughter.

There were lots of tears too, but God’s grace was everywhere.  K’s wife was amazing.  She spoke at the funeral and is determined to continue to do what they were called to do.  She will continue to run the Bible school.

K died from ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.  K’s wife did a fabulous job of caring for him through a very difficult time.

My uncle and aunt are amazing as well.  Their hearts are broken, but nothing will shake them

I’m at a hotel right now ALL BY MYSELF.  It’s really strange.  I’m loving it just for tonight, but I’d hate it if it was for very long.  I watched a movie tonight.  I don’t watch tv.  Ever.  (Except for Nascar.)  I watched Monster in Law.  It was dumb, but the knitting was good.  I’m just hanging out this week waiting for Lexi to finish her finals.  We’ll drive home the end of the week.  I’m planning to knit a lot and sleep even more.

I worked on my Morning Glory Shawl tonight.  I’m almost half way.  I also worked on my Loksin a bit.

I do have a couple of photos for you.  Remember I said I got a new oil painting for my birthday?  I took a couple of really poor pictures of it.

Is he cute, or what?

It really is an oil painting.  I have such sophisticated taste!  We have black leather in our family room and it’s going in there.  We saw it in Hawaii about 5 years ago.  Honey tracked down the artist and found it.  I love it!

This really feels like a disjointed post, but after this weekend, everything seems pretty trivial.  If it’s hard for me to get back to normal, how much worse is it for a 40 year old woman and her two children.  I can’t imagine.

Now I’m going to go to bed to sleep for 12 hours.

Life is Good.


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3 thoughts on “Well Then…

  1. It’s amazing how funerals renew our relationships.
    It’s too bad we can’t find ways to do that more frequently — and without having to lose one of the family in the process. Even weddings don’t seem to do the same thing.
    Enjoy that quiet time…and sleep a lot. I’m sure the kids at home will make sure that you will have needed it 🙂

  2. I hope the family all together celebrating his life will help the healing. You truly are blessed to have such a family.

    On a lighter note… love the painting… really love it! Who is the artist?

  3. I’m sorry for your family’s loss.

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