Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I Confess…


…I am a lace addict. I started yet another lace project.

It’s Ene’s Scarf from the Scarf Style book by Interweave. This is an unusual lace shawl, for the two of you who haven’t knit it. You start from the outside and cast on 375 stitches. The nice part is that by the time you’re sick of it your rows are really short instead of reaaaaallllllly long. The down side is that you have to be very sure you have enough yarn. I’m pretty sure I’m OK. I’m using merino laceweight from The Plucky Knitter, purchased at The Loopy Ewe. The colorway is The Spice of Life and I’m knitting it with two strands. It’s not as orange as my photo. Now that it’s spring, it’s going to be a great shawl for winter!

I have a secret!!!! It involves Helen and Alyse and myself and lace. It’s going to be fun, so watch our blogs for info. That’s all I’m allowed to say, and I have to listen because Helen is a lawyer. I’ve talked to her in person and she’s scary (not)!

So, what else has been happening in the last four days? Honey and I celebrated our 22nd Anniversary on Saturday by doing dumb projects. I looked so bad!!! I’m sure he looked at me and thought, “Wheew! I survived another year!” I’m going to need to make it up to him, because not only did he have to look at me all day, he got groceries, did the Home Depot run, taxi’d kids, hung a picture, cleaned up puppy spots in the carpet, and more.

I have to get a large mountain of laundry going and order Chinese takeout. (Honey is gone tonight and he doesn’t love Chinese food.) After that, I’m going to play with this:

or this:

Nicole is doing a two color quilt and has invited anyone that wants to join her. She doesn’t know that I’m playing along yet, because I haven’t signed up. I want to decide what I’m doing first. Neither batch of fabric looks very exciting in the photos, but they’re both gorgeous. Just wait. I’ll prove it.

Up next are some photos of my sewing room. It’s still not finished because the last wallpaper is still backordered. I also have previews of two hot off the press quilt books that I think are awesome!

I’m off to order Honey Chicken and Mongolian Beef!!!


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6 thoughts on “I Confess…

  1. I’m fessing up in my blog…
    We should have the Web Page link ready soooooon!

  2. That’s one of my favorite shawls! I did run out of yarn. Had three, why did I ever think they were enough. Got 2 more and then had to get 1 more for the smallest amount of knitting still to be done.

  3. i am one of the two who hasn’t knit it but I think I must!!! I love both sets of fabric for your new quilt, gorgeous choices Happy Anniversary

  4. What a pretty shawl!

  5. Au contraire, I love both sets of quilt fabrics. They’ll be very elegant and sophisticated, especially the blacks. Happy Anniversary!

  6. I just took a quick browse through your blog. Your knitting and your quilts are absolutely amazing. I look forward to seeing more.

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