Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



Am I the only one having a hard time being an adult lately? I just want to go play. First I want to go play with this:

It’s Prism Lace Wool yarn. 2,920 wonderful yards of it. I wish you could touch it. It’s wonderfully soft. I’m glad you can’t smell it. It reeks of smoke. I won’t tell you where I got it, but if the seller happens to read my blog, shame on you! I didn’t complain because I want this yarn. It’s exactly the colors I was looking for. The color is Blue Lagoon. I guess it will just need a good soak in Soak. It’s hanging outside on a deck chair right now.

What am I going to do with it, you ask? I’m going to knit Frost Flowers and Leaves from A Gathering of Lace. I got the idea from Joan. Thanks, Joan! I think!?! Oh, and here’s the Ravelry link.

I’m going to have tons of stuff to work on for Seasons of Lace. Signups are coming soon!!!

The other distraction is a quilt project. I’m participating with Nicole on a two color quilt challenge.

These are just a few of the fabrics I’m using. A lot of the fabrics are Nina Wedding by Anna Griffin for Windham Fabrics. It’s an older line that I’ve had stashed for a while. As much as I love color, I’m really liking this project. It’s going to be very elegant.

The pattern I’m using is from the current Quilt sampler magazine. This pattern was produced by Lillie’s Classic Quilts in Janesville, Wisconsin. You could order a kit here.

My third distraction is the gorgeous weather. I’m thinking I really should sit outside and knit. You never know how long the nice weather will last in Minnesota. Or, I could go buy flowers and get them planted.

I almost made the local newspaper last week. I can just see the headlines. “Woman Buried Alive in Laundry Room”. It’s all washed and dried now, but not put away. And I need to start over. And I really need to sort clothes in the kids rooms first!

But I don’t want to be an adult!


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8 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. You poor thing. I’m kidding. It’s a wonderful pattern and even with smoke, that yarn is lovely. Remember, it’s fun for the first 80 rounds, you slog through the next 100 and then it gets fun again.
    Now I have to finish mine since I have a head start.

  2. I’m with you!

    I want to go play with more yarn, too!

    Your yarn is lovely and the pattern is beautiful. You have also inspired me. I bought 1500 yards of some lace weight yarn last night… I’m not quite sure what I will actually *do* with it, but…

    I love the quilt pattern and fabric.

    ; )

  3. I am majorly resisting the adult thing myself lately. I’m trying to hide it but the laundry never lies.

  4. elegant is exactly the right word. I am also a color person, but that is so lovely and restful. I could rest my eyes on that and perfectly happy and content. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. Are those the same colors as in your master wallpaper? It will be gorgeous!

  6. Seeing your elegant and subtle new quilt project has made me decide to get Knitpicks new lace sampler collection in Riverside Cafe (greys,cream and taupes). Usually I get bored with neutrals but I think this would be lovely all knitted up together in one lace project.Love the color of your knew lace yarn.

  7. I love your block pattern. One name for it is Sister’s Choice, which is quite appropriate since Nicole started the challenge.

  8. Love your fabric choices – your block looks elegant, and romantic.
    I’ll check back and see how your quilt comes together.

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