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Seasons of Lace Goes Live!


OK, folks! Seasons of Lace 2008 has begun! What am I talking about? There’s a new summer KAL for anyone interested in knitting lace. There will be contests, prizes, and lots of inspiration. If you’re interested, go check it out. (There’s a signup link part way down the right column.)  You don’t need to be an expert lace knitter to join. In fact, this would be a perfect time to learn! Sign ups start right now, but the actual KAL starts June 21st.

Guess what I’ve been knitting this weekend? You guessed it. Lace.

It’s Ene’s Shawl, knit with yarn from The Plucky Knitter.

Now, since it’s already midnight, I’m either going to knit a few more rows of lace, or I’m going to sleep.


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

3 thoughts on “Seasons of Lace Goes Live!

  1. My favorite lace project! I must make another.

  2. ooooooooooo pretty.
    I want one.
    Golly… guess I should just go yarn shopping in the stash then, eh?

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