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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

What’s On My Floor?


I could list a bunch of things, like dead bugs, puppy puddles, dirt, etc. But that’s not what I’m excited about. Look what’s pinned to my bedroom carpet!

Ene’s Scarf is finished! I used The Plucky Knitter’s Lace weight merino, color Spice of Life. It was purchased at The Loopy Ewe. I used two skeins, held doubled to make a nice big shawl. Each skein had 900 yards, and I probably used 800 yards of each. Yep! That’s 1,600 yards total. If you used the yarn specified in the pattern, the measurement across the top was 56″. Mine is 80″. Um, you think gauge and yarn weight makes a difference? In this case, it’s what I wanted. I used size 7 needles.

The funny spot on the right is just a wrinkle in the towel. I was pretty sure it was a mistake at first.

So, now what did I start, you ask? Another Swallowtail Shawl.

I never make a pattern twice, but after seeing this one done with beads, I just had to. It’s Handmaiden Sea Silk, with no color on the label. I’m loving the pink. I never wear pink. My other Swallowtail is bright orange.

It’s OK. Go ahead and drool. Or don’t you have that reaction to yarn? I sure do! I was hoping the beads would come in the mail today, but I’ve been too lazy to walk to the mailbox. Oh, and the reason I’m sitting around knitting today is that Kid 5 is home with the stomach flu, and I need to sit with him. I do! Because I’m a good mom.

You wanna hear about 5:30 AM and stomach flu? Too bad! I’m tellin’ you anyway. He sleeps on the top bunk with about 80 stuffed animals. He managed to get sick without hitting one of his stuffed animals (or his brother sleeping below him at a right angle). And he hit the one spot on the mattress where the plastic mattress protector was still intact. That’s one talented 7 year old.

I need to go to Target for a new mattress protector and a new mattress pad. And chocolate.  Do they sell those yummy pre-mixed margaritas at Target?  After the homeschool, broken arm, throwing up, and cancelling my appointment (twice) to cover up my gray hair, I could use a margarita.

Have an awesome weekend!  May it involve friends, yarn, and good food!


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11 thoughts on “What’s On My Floor?

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  2. That is absolutely beautiful!!

    Yes, I, too, have begun to drool over yarn.

    ; )

    Hope the little one feels better soon.

    Enjoy that margarita!!

  3. The shawl is gorgeous.

    Swallowtail is going to be lovely in the Sea Silk. I made one last year in an orange-y Sea Silk and I just adore it. Can’t wait to see what yours looks like, especially the beads.

  4. Ooooh, Maria, I’m not sure which I love more, the finished scarf or that amazing Sea Silk! Enjoy them both, they’re lovely. :0)

  5. whoa, you’ve got a lot going on over there!
    where to start…ok, the finished lace is just beautiful. Nicely done!
    love love love the handmaiden, can’t wait to see it with the beading,
    and I have a 5 yr old, in a top bunk, who is not as talented as your little one, we had a waterfall thing going on.
    I went to The Christmas Tree shop…they sell these mixes in a big bucket to make frozen margaritas. Sometimes the grocery stores have them..I find it useful to buy it in bulk!!!

  6. Ene’s Shawl is stunning

    The sea silk looks like Rose Garden – one of my favorite colorways

  7. What a stunning shawl! Just stunning!

  8. Your swallowtail is beautiful, I love those colors! You could send it to me, since you don’t wear pink;)

    Hope the flu is over soon!

  9. I don’t know how you do the lace so fast! My brain just doesn’t get the zen of lace knitting. (Yet.) The shawl is gorgeous.

    In addition to conquering lace on two needles, I fully intend to have a similarly talented 7-year-old! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  10. love the Ene, its beautiful I have a skein of the Rose Garden waiting too be done in Alison Hydes Michelle shawl

    Hope your home is healthy soon!

  11. I love the yarn for your new Swallowtail shawl! I’m planning to make one soon and hope to find some great yarn too.

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