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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I Think I Have A Drinking Problem


I need to talk to y’all. As you’ve probably heard, it’s been a rough two weeks at passingdowncrazy. You heard mention of margaritas. I’ll have to admit it. I drink too much….















My garbage can is full, so I keep piling the diet coke cans in my bathroom. I think I could survive giving up any food or beverage in the world except diet coke. I just love popping the can open, and that slow burn on the first drink. Heaven!  (Why are there dirty socks on my counter?)

I promised to show you the new lace and bead project I started this weekend.

The yarn is from Red Rocks Fiber Works, and it’s gorgeous. Sometimes, I’m all excited when I order yarn. They when it shows up, it’s just not that great. Not this time!!! I opened the box and started to smile! The colors are amazing. And it’s so soft and fun to knit with. I also got two other colors! The color is a bit off on these photos, but I’m too lazy to fix them. I don’t think she has much yarn left on that sale, but you can bug her to dye more!

The pattern is Twinings Stole by Anne Hanson. I’m very much enjoying knitting this stole, except that I’m feeling a little guilty. Everything Anne designs is classy, beautiful, and understated. Then I come along and use bright yarn and garish green beads. If anyone can take a quilt or knitting pattern and kill it, I can! But I like color and I like glitz. So, Anne, if you read this, I apologize. But I love it!

Just look at the gleam of the beads, nestled in that gorgeous green wool! They look so happy!

And we’re having a much happier week here too. School is done! Hallelujah! Usually I’m dreading the end of school and having 5 kids at home. But this year, we’re all ready to hang out. And the kids are getting older and easier too. (I slept until 9:30 this morning!)

College girl is my nanny and cleaning lady for the summer!!! We paid for a Europe trip for her. She got two semesters of college credit!  I’m thinking her salary is prepaid! (She also promised to guest blog her trip!) I absolutely hate cleaning up the kitchen, so that’s her new domain. She also volunteered to be the executive in charge of clothing maintenance, otherwise known as laundry. I’m also going to take that motorhome and my BFF and go quilt for a few days. She will also be the executive in charge of fighting siblings!!!  Good luck with that, Lexi!

Kid 2 leaves on Saturday for a missions trip to Romania. More on that later. She’s very excited.

Kid 3 is playing baseball, mowing lawn, and racing cars (on Xbox).

Kid 4 goes to church camp in a few weeks. She also wants to start her homeschooling RIGHT NOW! So I ordered an online program for her to play with for the summer. No pressure.

Kid 5 is only 7. His job is to have fun and snuggle with mom. Kids 4 & 5 also have a couple of weeks of swimming lessons coming up. They also spend hours in the pool, although the temperature is supposed to be in the 60’s this week.

I’m going to spend mornings this week cleaning up this messy house. Although, if I’m going to sleep until 9:30, I may have to work part of the afternoon too. I really want to spend some time in my sewing room too, so watch for quilt related posts. I’m sure Kids 4 & 5 will be bugging me to finish projects as well.

So, happy June! I know ours is going to be!


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7 thoughts on “I Think I Have A Drinking Problem

  1. I love green and that is so absolutely beautiful!!

    When you bead, do you thread all your beads on your yarn before you begin to knit?

  2. Caffeine… you can never have too much of a good thing.

    Since I consider you my main enabler with the whole beaded knitting… and since I have beads and yarn coming to my house this week… can you tell me *how* I’m going to get all the beads on the yarn? Thanks. 🙂

  3. Your blog posts always amaze me. I don’t know how you get as much knitting and quilting done as you do with 5 kids, a husband, and all that laundry! I get tired just reading your blog! Happy June!

  4. I am agreeing with Sue – I have only two kids and I can’t even think of having a blog, as I don’t know where the time would come from. You are very inspiring! I hope to see more pictures of your sewing/creative room. Enjoy the time with the kids!

  5. All that diet coke must give you lots of energy ’cause I’m agreeing with Sue and Ruthanne. How do you get so much done? Love the new lace project. The beads are very subtle and beautiful.

  6. P.S. Forgot to ask as well, how you get beads on yarn. Prestrung or crochet hook method.

  7. My drinking problem has always been my love affair with Dr Pepper! I decided to detox and it’s been 8 long weeks since I last had a sip of my elusive nectar. I’m trying to convince myself that diet caffeine free root beer is the drink for me, I just haven’t bought into this yet. Can hardly wait to see the finished quilt. Love the Seasons of Lace site you all have worked so hard on.

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