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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

She’s Gone…


….and I feel sad. Kid 2 left this morning. She’s going to be gone for a month. It’s not that she doesn’t like us, at least I think she likes us. She just has a plan. She wants to be going and doing. So she’s going to Romania. For a month. She’s going with a group of teenagers and they’re going to be helping with Bible schools and working in orphanages. The main thing they’ll be doing is helping to facilitate dental clinics. M’s plan is to love on the kids and tell them that God loves them. Not an easy task in a country that has so many needs.

Here’s a collage of my goofy kid. I could have worked harder on it, but I would have had to crop pictures, so it is what it is.

M is an interesting kid. She’s the most stubborn person I know (other than her Nana!). She’s almost always happy. She has a plan for her life and she’s going for it. She’s 14 and is way smarter than I am (just ask her) but she’s a pretty great teenager. I think I’ll survive her teenage years without adding much more gray hair.

It’s going to be much quieter around here without her. She’s loud! She talks a lot! She pests a lot! And her giggle resonates.

Hey, M, we love you and we’re very proud of you. We’re praying for God’s protection as you work, play, sleep, travel, and love on people.

Can I go cry now?

I do have a knitting distraction this weekend. I have this to play with.

I’m test knitting Hydrangea for Susan. The yarn is from The Plucky Knitter. That should make me feel better.

Oh, and the sun is shining for the first time all week. It might just be a pool and grilling day!


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6 thoughts on “She’s Gone…

  1. Oh, bless. I hope she has a SAFE and wonderful time.

    Wee One goes to camp for the first time tomorrow.

    Did anyone tell you today you are a wonderful mother?

    You are.

    ; )

  2. Yeah, Grandma get the giggler for 2 days. The group leaves from TX and the cousins are waiting to see her. She really is a true joy!

  3. Oh, those are wonderful photos. May your daughter have a safe and happy trip. I’ve been to orphanages in Russia – I predict she will come home with a deepened appreciation for our country’s abundance and your family’s love.

  4. I hope she has a wonderful time and that you survive her being gone…. and enjoy the quiet…

    : )

  5. How great that a fourteen year old would spend half the summer volunteering and bringing hope to those less fortunate. What a great kid. When my daughter goes away I think” what a great break” but end up wandering around missing her and getting little done.

  6. Hope she has a safe trip. I hope she will learn to appreciate Romania’s deep religious history as she sees all those beautiful churches that we Orthodox Christians worship at. Orthodox Christians truly suffered during the Communist regime. I think she would be interested to learn about people like Fr. George Calciu (who reposed in the Lord two years ago). Biography is at; his testimony is at

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