Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Further Proof That I’m Crazy


Last week I showed you this photo:

Before I tell you what it is, I need to give credit where credit is due. Joan made this shawl. It’s unbelievably gorgeous, as is everything she knits. She commented that this shawl fit her queen size bed with room to spare. Something in my little brain clicked and I started thinking about lace for my king size bed.

Let me refresh your memory on the ingredients of my craziness. I have something over 4,400 yards of JaggerSpun Zephyr in DK weight. I’m using size 8 needles. I figured that if Joan made the Forest Frost and Leaves with laceweight yarn and it fit a queen size bed, then I could use a DK weight yarn and make it fit a king size bed. It’s the same amount of work, right???

I started my Crazy Project on June 1. I now have something over 500 stitches. I just finished row 81 and it’s 32 inches square.

According to my quicky math, it will be 75″ before the border. I’m guessing it will be bigger than that when I wet block it. (Oh, and my wet blocking plan is to remove all the furniture from my living room, clean up all the puppy pee, let the carpet dry, and then block my bedspread!!!)

Just like the laceweight Zephyr, the stitch definition of this stuff is amazing! And the DK weight comes in all the same colors. You can buy it from Sarah.

I’m wondering if it’s going to be big enough. I could do extra repeats. (Joan just fell off her chair laughing.) I’ve heard the seven repeats of Chart B are soul sucking! But I could do more. I seriously could.

There is one problem however. I absolutely hate the border. Other people have said the same thing but just didn’t have the fortitude to come up with anything else after 7 repeats of chart B. So I’m thinking I need to pick out another border now. Any and all ideas will be welcome.

I’m off to bed early.  I have to get up early cuz’ I’m getting a new hot water heater tomorrow.  Aren’t you so excited for me?


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16 thoughts on “Further Proof That I’m Crazy

  1. You, my lady, are insane!
    I am saved this insanity only because we have cats and a dog who believe that they and their claws should be allowed on the bed. Unsupervised.
    They’d destroy the thing in a week.

  2. This is just beautiful work! Congratulations and good luck!

  3. You had me at “queen size”.

  4. And yes… I did see your further ramblings about “king size”… but my mind just can’t go there.

  5. Love this! Aren’t there a couple of knitting books just on borders now? I think I would make a trip to the library and check them out.

  6. Funny, I read Joan’s post about it fitting her bed and thought about doing it in a heavier weight for a bedspread, then read the rest of the your post. This shawl has been in my mental queue (no pun) for a few years. you go!

    A few border thoughts: If you look at the border from the standpoint of a bedspread as opposed to a shawl, does it do anything different for you? To me, it looked good for a bedspread with the strong vertical line.

    Ok, if it still doesn’t work, there is a Mary Walker Phillips book on counterpanes,
    Perhaps looking at something developed for the project at hand will help speed the search, before you lose it all on the seventh repeat.

    Good luck!


  7. Hey! I lost all my outlook yesterday, including your email. Please send me a message so I can send you the pattern.


  8. Crazy? Naaah! Unless you say it happens to be a California King….

  9. It looks beautiful. How big of a circular needle are you using? I’m just boggled at the concept…thank goodness I have cats that prohibit me from engaging in this project. 😀 I can hardly wait to see your finished product.

  10. I hurt myself when I fell off my chair.
    Actually, I could have done another repeat because I finally learned the pattern. What I would suggest is making the final chart deeper, completing another leaf before adding a border. Somewhere on Raverly, someone changed the border to a more leafy one and I nearly did that but would have run out of yarn and after dealing with dye lot issues, I wasn’t about to risk buying more.
    And you can send it to me for blocking but I can’t guarantee that you’ll get it back!

  11. Wow, seriously amazing work. It’s just stunning. Congratulations!

  12. So handsome! Where is a picture of the border?

  13. This is done on circular needles?

  14. By the time you have done 7 repeats of chart B, the border is going to be a relieve. I only lasted 3 repeats before I decide that the shawl / slumber blanket was big enough. It ended up around 1.5 x 1.5 meter – knitted on 4 mm needles. Knitting time – well that is classified information.

  15. Pingback: queen bedspread

  16. You should really think quilts again. Fabric, not yarn, for bedsize projects…..just back away from the yarn….

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