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A Stack of Happiness


It doesn’t take much to make me happy!

Seasons of Lace and Summer of Socks both start tomorrow. So I wound yarn tonight. The top three are for socks, and the bottom one is for a lace shawl. Oh, and I’m knitting lace socks so they qualify for both KAL’s!

Up first is Lilys Feet technicolor dream toes by dkKnits. It’s so Lily Pulitzer!

Next up is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction in the Foofaraw colorway. It’s 50% merino and 50% tencel.

In third place is some yarn that I just got this week! It’s Tempted Yarn’s sock club selection for this month. It’s called Red, White, and Loops. This club is hosted by Loops Yarn in Tulsa and the turquoise is the color of their logo.

And last, but not least, is Dream in Color Baby in the Lipstick Lave Colorway. It was purchased at The Loopy Ewe. This is for a lace shawl. It will also qualify for The Loopy Ewe’s Dream In Color Baby KAL.

Why is it so hard to photograph reds? This yarn isn’t quite that orange. It is a rusty red though.

Now I get to go dig through patterns. Sometimes I have a pattern that I need to choose yarn for. This time I chose yarns that I wanted to use and now I’ll go dig through my patterns and peruse (I love that word!) ravelry. I know what lace shawl I’m doing with the Dream in Color, but I haven’t knit socks for a while, so it will be fun to look for ideas!

I had a famous first today. I ran over one of the kids bikes. I’m thinking that surviving about 16 years and 5 kids’ bikes is pretty lucky! Fortunately, it only bent the back wheel on a bike that’s almost too small for Kid 5. And he has the next bigger bike from Kid 3 that he can ride! My car has a backup alarm, but someone bumped the button and it was shut off. Shoot!

The weather in Minnesota is fabulous right now. We only have a few weeks a year that are nice. The rest of the time we have mosquitos or snow! Tomorrow morning I think I’ll make a pot of coffee and sit outside (in my pajamas) and knit lace! Life doesn’t get much better than that.


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6 thoughts on “A Stack of Happiness

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  2. Tomorrow I’m going to avoid my son’s baseball game (a summer league… geesh… I’m done!), sit in front of my A/C unit, and do all I can to avoid the 105 degree heat… while knitting lace and socks.

    My DIC Baby is red also. Hard to believe huh? But mine’s the In Vino Veritas color.

  3. I love winding yarn, too, and you have some beautiful ones there! :0)

  4. Good thing there wasn’t a kid on the bike! I love the BMFA Foofaraw, can’t wait to see what pattern you choose for those socks!

  5. Thanks for visiting me and nice to find you! I love your works in progress list…..mine looks very similar in length to yours!!! Kindered spirits!! Love your blog and I will be visiting often. My daughter in law and I just took a beginning knitting class on Friday. She picked it up right away, me, well I am having a bit of a harder time, but I will definitely stick with it.

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