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Blue Hydrangea In My Garden


First of all, thanks to all of you for your encouraging comments on my last post!!! Sometimes I wonder if I’m just being self-indulgent with blogging, but if I can encourage and inspire you, I’ll keep at it.  Besides, it’s accountability for me.

It’s finished!!!  I just went outside and photographed Hydrangea, and now it’s raining.  Talk about timing!

I’m in love.  (I’d better be after all those beads!)

How many beads, you ask?  Um, I don’t know.  I didn’t keep track.  What kind of a test knitter am I?


Hydrangea by Susan Pandorf.  You can purchase the pattern on her site.  She’s amazing!!!

Great Adirondack Soxie Yarn 2 skeins, 720 yards.  I used almost all of two skeins.

Colorway Hydrangea!

I used 6/0 beads instead of 8/0.  It is heavy, but it feels elegant and luxurious to me!

Size 5 needles

Blocked size 76 x 18.

I only did one additional repeat of rows 15-50 on the last chart.  I’m almost wishing I’d done one more on each side, but I would have had to travel 100 miles for more beads.  I have another skein of yarn, but that may be socks.

Oh, and what’s the big deal on kitchener stitch?  I’ve put it off forever because everyone makes it sound like a big mystery.  It’s no big deal.  I watched this video on youtube.  I sort of followed the instructions!  She told me to put the kids, husband, and pets outside.  I just ignored them instead.  It also told me to have a glass of wine beside me.  I did that.  It told me to practice on a swatch first.  Of course I didn’t do that!!!  I just practiced on a project that I had a gazillion hours into.  So if you don’t know how to kitchener stitch, don’t listen to the people that think its hard.  It’s not!!!

And now for the final shot!

Now, back to Ravelympics.  I’m still in medal contention.  More info soon.

Todays big girl projects:

1.  Finish laundry.  (Yes, I did get a lot of it done.)

2.  Work on homeschool stuff.

3.  Make dinner.  Why do these people have to eat every day???

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21 thoughts on “Blue Hydrangea In My Garden

  1. Maria, that is simply beautiful! Of all the beautiful things you have made, I think this one is my favorite.

    Maybe we can barter, I can send my mom to help with laundry and cooking…

    ; )

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  3. I like yours better than mine! Funny how we are crossing emails. Are we in sync or what?


  4. Oh, this is just breathtaking!

    The lovely yarn colors, the perfectly placed accent beads, a gorgeous pattern — you should be proud!

    Well done!

  5. What is the big deal about Kitchener stitch? I thought I must be doing it wrong because it’s not that hard. There’s a natural rhythm to it that’s very easy.

    I’m a lurker commenting for the first time, but I read you regularly. I love to see your projects and love to hear about your family. I’m a Minnesotan too.

  6. I’ve been lurking here since I saw found your Kauni sweater. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous! a great combination of yarn, pattern, and beads. You did a beautiful job on it. Congratulations.

  7. “Practice on a swatch first” *snort* Who does that?

    It’s absolutely gorgeous! I bow to your beading excellence.

  8. Maria, this is just absolutely beautiful! Well done!

  9. Hi Maria, It’s just beautiful! If you had to knit again would you knit with the beads? If so, which size? On another lace project, I’m getting ready to start knitting Hyrna Herborgar with Sundara’s 100% silk lace yarn. Based on your blocking of your shawl in knit with color, do you think this will knit up and block okay with silk? Thanks for your input. Alison

  10. Beautiful! I love the ends, especially.

    Kitchener isn’t bad….unless you get interrupted. I also save the wine as a reward for finishing.

  11. That is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite lace project! Just gorgeous.
    What an accomplishment!

  12. That shawl is absolutely stunning! I’ve been drooling over her designs, but haven’t mustered up the nerve to tackle one.

    I found your blog when I somehow stumbled across your Glorious Koigu shawl (which I love, BTW!) and have really enjoyed seeing your beautiful work. We’re “neighbors”, as I live in North Dakota.

  13. Oh my goodness. That’s going right into my queue. You did the designer proud!

  14. It’s glorious!
    I can’t wait to finish up the ongoing lace so I can justify starting this one

  15. You’re Hydrangea is absolutely stunning. I was impressed with Susan Pandorf’s Morrocan Days/Arabian Nights stole, and loved the Magic Carpet scarf. Hydrangea is just more proof of her skill as a designer, and your execution of her pattern is flawless. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing your labor of love with us.

  16. That is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on getting it done…and I think this will be going into my queue…

  17. I just had to write you that I have crack flowers too! Here I though I was the only one. Your’s are much larger and prettier. I have moss roses, petunias, and argeratum(?). I like the marigolds though!

    Your shawl is mighty ambitious for a 2-week event. It’s looking very beautiful!

  18. wonderful shawl! i’ve just started experimenting with lace patterns. do you string the beads first? or do you pick them as you go and somehow attach them?
    great work.

  19. Your shawl is AMAZINNG!!!! Just beautiful, I love it. It is also done in my favorite color.

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