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The Dog Days of Summer


I had great plans for this week.  Kid 1 left for college on Sunday, and Kid 4 is in Texas with her cousins.  I feel like I’m on vacation with only 3 kids.  What have I gotten done?  Not much.

We did some snuggling.  (As you can see, there was no make-up to be seen!)

And then there was the Ravelympic knitting.  For those of you who haven’t heard about it,  for Ravelympics, you choose a project, start it during the opening ceremonies, and finish it before the closing ceremonies.  I picked a pretty ambitious project.  I wouldn’t want it to be too easy!

Photographing a black shawl should be an Olympic event.  It looks like a black blob!

I’m on day 8.  I’m part way through chart 7.  There’s one more small chart and then the ruffle.

Or, look at it this way.  I’m on row 207 of 259.  Sounds workable, right?  That’s 79% of the rows finished, and only 47% of my time gone!

Now lets look at stitch numbers.  I have 436 stitches per row right now.  The last twelve rows of the ruffle have 2,235 stitches per row.  That’s 26,820 stitches in the last twelve rows alone.  A couple of people have said that it took them six hours just to bind it off.

I still think I’ll make it!  Honey and I leave tomorrow after church for Colorado.  He’s working, but I’m in contention for a medal.  I must knit!!!  I may even start the ruffle by tomorrow night, or Monday, at the latest.  Such tough work, knitting with cashmere.

Speaking of flowers….Sorry!  I couldn’t come up with a segue to this topic!

If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning (hello to the two of you!!!) I showed you the flowers in my crack last summer.  I have bigger flowers and more varieties in my crack this summer!

I think it’s immensely funny, but my kids are way finished with the flowers in my crack jokes.  Whatever!!!

I need to go pack.  It’s going to be 40 degrees at night in the mountains.  I’m thinking my summer uniform of denim capris and a cotton top may not cut it!  But it’s perfect knitting weather.

I’ll have internet access, so I’ll keep you posted on the black blob!!!  And I started a new project related to my blog that I’m really excited about!

See you in Colorado!


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6 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. I went around the corner of my house for the first time in almost a year (I know – very sad – but does having hip surgery count for a reason to not traipse out there?) and our crack has a freakin’ TREE growing out of it – and I’m not talking a about a little bitty one – we’re talking about a trunk that is at least a couple of inches thick. Heck, the sapling in our front yard hasn’t grown that fast!! I wish all I had were lovely crack flowers…

  2. The shawl is beautiful – good luck getting it done! Love the crack flowers!

  3. You’re making super progress!! Good luck!

  4. What a beautiful pic of you, your son, & dog.

  5. I get flowers in my cracks too!
    One year, we got a whole slew of snapdragons — volunteers from the previous year’s plants in the window box….

    And would you PLEASE stop making me add things to my queue???

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