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And I Care Because???


I’m trying to figure out why I care if I complete my Ravelympic project.  It’s not like I’m going to get a hunk of gold.  All I’ll get is a button to put on my blog.  I’m not competitive.  I’m not a monogamous knitter, by any stretch of the imagination.  I’ve decided it’s because I don’t really have measurable goals in my life.  Maybe I should set some laundry goals.  Or the most consecutive nights I prepare tasty meals for my family.  Or maybe, I’ll just keep knitting like a woman posessed!!!

Here was the view out the window of our hotel last night.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a tree so covered with lights.

My knitting last night didn’t go well at all.  I knit one row on the plane on the way to Colorado.  Last night I had to fix about half of the row.  And my rows are at about 500 stitches right now.  On top of that, I ended up with one of those lovely high altitude headaches.

Today is going much better.  Here’s my knitting spot.

The sliding door is open and there’s a wonderfully cool Colorado breeze coming in the window, along with the smells of some gourmet (garlic) cooking.

I’ve pounded out 8 rows this morning.  All my mistakes were fixed last night.  I have about 8 rows to go and then  I start the ruffle.  I won’t show you a photo because it looks like the black blob you saw a few days ago.

I’m off for some intensely competitive relaxing knitting!


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6 thoughts on “And I Care Because???

  1. That tree pictures remind me of a christmas tree. I joined the ravelymipics to get my knitting butt in gear. I have knit more than I have practically all summer. Now my arm has been hurting though. But I will probably only finish one of my three entries. And I don’t even have a blog to show a button on!

  2. It’s nice to see you relaxing before the rush of school with the kids begin. I love Colorado, the higher elevations that is. Especially when the Aspens start to turn that beautiful color as Fall starts it’s push toward winter. My lace project is Knitspot’s Snowflakes in Cedarwoods and I keep looking at the two balls of lace yarn I have left knowing that I’m still in the early stages of the chart with 576 total stitches on the circular needles thinking already my rounds are slow. I know I’ll use all three balls of yarn but can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I’m working up to 1076 total stitches on the needles and that’s going to be slow round knitting! We went to the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the de Young Fine Art Museum in San Francisco yesterday. What a beautiful glass exhibit, I walked through with the hundreds of other people who were in at our 11am session and wondered if others saw the glass through the eyes of a knitter. Someone used to different textures and colors, shapes and sizes. Just made me curious.

  3. Jealous. Totally green with envy. But it helps that I’m smelling a little pine myself, though it’s in MN. I’m a Coloradan transplanted to MN, and I don’t get enough mountain time, darn it! We are vacationing near Orr on Pelican lake and just this morning were pro and conning northern MN vs. CO vacations. Conclusion, MN is an acceptable and pleasant sub, but it’s no Rocky Mountain! Where are you?

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, though I’m not sure I’ve ever commented. Good work with the Ravelympics. I’m only trying to get some increase/decrease swatches done for a class I’m preparing to teach at my LYS. Not too ambitious.

  4. The view outside your window looks amazing. So lucky. Outside my window I just see a falling down fence and some squash growing in my meager garden! I also love your stuff!

  5. I love your knitting spot and I love that you can have the breeze wafting thru the room… it is so durned hot here and school has started, so my knitting is sitting and I am toooooo tired when I get home. ENJOY!

  6. The shawl is wonderful. Love the Hollyhocks, they are one of my favorite summer flowers.

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