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My Cape Is Slipping


Huh???  What does that mean?

I was in the grocery store this afternoon, trying to be organized with meal planning this week.  Part way through, I dropped my list somewhere.  I never did find it.  While I was working my way through what I think is a very poorly organized grocery store (there isn’t a grocery store in our town that bags your groceries, but that’s another gripe!) I started thinking about my week.

Tomorrow, I have to have Kids 2 & 3 at a new (for them) school at 9 AM.  Fortunately for me, they’re excited.  OK, Kid 3 is excited, but Kid 2 will get over it.  Then, when we get back home, I start with homeschooling Kid 4, while Kid 5 has to occupy himself for several hours.  He starts school next week.

This is what we need to cover tomorrow:

Well, not the whole of all of the books, but the beginning of all of them.  I’m ready and excited, as is Kid 4, but also totally and completely slightly panicked.

When I got home from the grocery store, I must have had a funny look on my face, because Honey hugged me and asked me what was up.  I told him my Superwoman cape was already slipping and I haven’t even started the fall routine yet.

I think I’m just going to go do this:

All I need are some really cool sunglasses and a Miracle Suit.


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9 thoughts on “My Cape Is Slipping

  1. Okay… I’m going to share with you one of my most favorite homeschooling secrets. After several years of trying to bring summer to an abrupt stop by leaping into a full day of school which never went anything at all like I expected, I finally came up with a new plan. We ease into school each year. We start our first week with only one or two subjects resulting in less whining and a feeling of success on my part. (I can not over emphasis the importance of feeling successful.) Then we gradually add in the other subjects until we’re going full steam. Hang onto you cape… you’ll do fine!

  2. Ever since you were a little girl you accomplished what you set out to do. You just did it with the shawl and you will do great with No. 4.
    Love, Mom

  3. P.S. I just had No. 4 at my house. She told me she thought she could change the world if she were president. She would first give everyone an anger course and she would save the rainforests at the same time. I think she will almost teach herself.

  4. I’m with Tammy and the start of home schooling. We ease in to our first week or so of school. You will be amazed at how quickly you get through the info. I’m thrilled to see the Saxon Math book on your pile. I love how Saxon Math builds on itself with repetition, always reinforcing skills that were taught throughout the book. My kids did well with this. We also used the wordwise. Great picks, if you need another grammar book, Easy Grammar Plus by Wanda Phillips is a good one. My sister who home schooled both her daughters suggested this to me and we have used it since. I have the ISBN number should you be interested. Just remember, we all feel like we are failing at first. Don’t give up and keep in touch with others who home school. The support makes everything easier. Alison

  5. Hang in there – you’ll all find your rhythm in no time! :0)

  6. The latest shawl is a beauty! Congrats on finishing it and in time!
    What nice messages your mother left you!

  7. OOH! I loved new books. I would be excited to have those if I were a little girl. Are there new home school times and rules for drop in aunties?

  8. …..i think it’s awesome that you mom is so supportive of you homeschooling….don’t forget to take some breaks…..i put so much effort into first semester stuff that i was usually pretty tired by spring…..and don’t forget about all the stuff that your child will learn that isn’t in a textbook… being with an encouraging mom….

  9. I lost my cape sometime last year, and didn’t even notice for months! I miss it, but I don’t dwell on it.
    One Day At A Time.

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