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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Olympic Gold!


This whole Olympic knitting thing still seems so surreal!  I’ve had the Flirty Ruffles Shawl pattern for a couple years.  I really wanted a classic black cashmere shawl that I’ll wear forever.  Suddenly, I have one, and it only took 17 days.

I really hate photos of myself.  I go over to Anne Hanson’s blog and look how svelte and classy she looks in her photo shoots.  She has funky short hair and she models those shawls with panache!!!  Oh, well.  I have a black cashmere shawl!

My kids are still pretty bummed that all I got for a medal was a button on the sidebar of the blog.  They thought I was getting a real gold medal!

Thanks to Kid 2 for the photo shoot.  Usually I have her model and I take the pictures.  I like that better!

I think startitis is threatening to hit again.  What shall I knit next?


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14 thoughts on “Olympic Gold!

  1. Its so pretty! That is a wonderful accomplishment! Wear it proud forever!! And you look good in your photo shoot, I like your hair.

  2. Ruffles is beautiful and you look great in it. Until you officially decide what to cast on next (hmmm…you probably already have….) there are always those WIPS!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! you and the shawl!!!! always look forward to your MANY FO!
    take care-b

  4. I know what you mean about being in pictures! But you look beautiful! You’re very pretty, and it’s not just that I’m distracted by the beauty of that shawl!
    As for the startitis, I think it’s the season. I know in my heart that I should turn my attention to Xmas gifts, and get a head start on that…but it’s not really what I want to be doing. Oh well, I’m sure we will both find things to knit in short order!!! Have a great day,

  5. I love your pictures – you look so happy! The shawl is really lovely. :0)

  6. Before I even read your post, my first thought was how lovely you looked in the shawl! Well done!

  7. You look beautiful! My mom thought the medals were a disappointment too—not sure why, but I enjoyed the games!

  8. lovely shawl. It looks fantastic on you, which is important since you’ll have it forever! Congratulations.

  9. You look great in your beautiful shawl. I completely understand the photo reluctance but I wonder if Anne Hanson has the same reservations….She’s just done it more

  10. Your shawl is just beautiful and contrary to what you said, you look just beautiful modeling your shawl. I have yarn sitting on my bed that I’m trying hard not to start. I ordered and just received a bunch of green yarn from Tricoter in Seattle to start knitting a Kathmandu/Aura Ruched Coat. The knitting needles sort of made their way over to the yarn and every few minutes I have to push the urge to set down my lace project and pick up my green yarn aside. I have already swatched so I know the next step is to start knitting! It’s nice knowing I’m in great company with the startitis!

  11. I think you look classy, too! And good job with the beautiful shawl!

  12. Gorgeous shawl – congrats on finishing it so fast!

  13. Congrats on the medal! And who needs a medal, anyway? You have a black cashmere shawl–so much better than a medal!

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