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A Moda Fabric Quiz


Does anyone out there remember this?  What year was it?  What was it for?

The year was 2004.  In the suitcase were 12 assorted cream fat quarters from different Moda fabric lines.  The Moda Challenge was to make a quilt using all 12 fat quarters, and other Moda fabrics.  I had grand dreams of winning!  I also had a 3 year old and 4 year old at home.  This is how far I got.

I must have been crazy.  Lets take a closer look at the red half square triangle in the center of that feathered star.

That’s a dime sitting there.  Those half square triangles are 1/2 inch!  Is it too late to win the challenge?  Maybe I could enter a “craziest quilter” contest!

So, since I have this gorgeous center medallion finished, I really need to Super Size it!  I’m known for making king size quilts and this piece is only 32 inches square at this point.  I did have a plan for this at one time, at least I think I did.  I had lots of assorted Moda scraps and treasures collected, but since they’re long since put away or used up, I had to come up with a new plan.  So I dug in the Moda cupboard (yes, I have an entire cupboard of Moda fabric) and came up with this.

The fabric is Garden Magic by Blackbird Designs.  The border fabric that goes with it is an absolutely gorgeous floral.  Now I need to start designing!

Oh, and my Time Out last weekend did include a bit of knitting, but more ripping!  I started the Firmaments Lace Shawl.  The yarn is Schaeffer Anne, colorway Midnight.  How fitting is that?

I love the black and navy combo!  I knit for about 4 hours one night while watching hurricane Gustav sit in the gulf.  The next morning, I realized that there was supposed to be a knit row between every lace row on the first pattern.  Duh!!!  So I grabbed another needle and picked up the stitches several rows down and ripped!  I really thought I was smarter than I looked.  Evidently not!

My next project for the day is to get a quilt cut out for Kid 4.  Guess what’s included in our homeschooling for art?  You got it!  A quilt.  She’s standing here staring at me.  Must. Go. Cut.


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8 thoughts on “A Moda Fabric Quiz

  1. Half of a dime?! Certifiable. Lovely quilt, though. 😀 Now you are making me think of *my* fabric stash! Why don’t we have 48 hours in a day rather than the measly 24?

  2. That is going to make one beautiful quilt! I love that fabric line, and have some in my stash. I also used some in a commissioned log cabin I made about three years ago. I fell in love with that border fabric.

  3. You are awesome. Maybe we should start another challenge and then you would already be ahead!

  4. Love the double Feathered Star have you tried the triple yet????? I vote for a grand finish, and I do remember the box of fabrics…. Beautiful indeed…. I like to use Quiltime’s 1/2″finished half square triangle paper for those little guys and for the larger ones….

  5. Maria – you are truly amazing – can we talk?

  6. I love Moda fabric line.


  7. This is so funny! I, too, have that darling suitcase filled with the cream Moda fabric! I bought it during the Denver Shop Hop in 2004. I must confess that I never had any intention to make a quilt for the contest–I just loved the suitcase tin! True confessions here…

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