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There are treasured girlfriends, and then there are sisters.  A sister trumps everyone else!  She knows everything about you and she loves you anyway.  And I got to spend a weekend with her!!!

She’s one of those disgustingly talented people that can piece a quilt once in five years and it looks perfect, even though she’s sewing off-set diamonds together.  We sewed, and sewed, and sewed.  In between, we ate and slept a bit.  Here’s her king size quilt, minus the borders.  Oh, and the photo above is quite deceiving.  It rained most of the weekend.  So we sat in the motorhome and…….sewed.  Today was sunny for the photo shoot!

Before we left home, she laid out the diamonds and pinned the rows.  Honey walked by and his comment was that it looked like diamond hell.  He’s right.  There are 120 four patch diamonds and then all the background ones.  I had the diamonds pieced before, so my sis had the “fun” of sewing them all together.  We still have to come up with borders.  The fabric is Kashmir by Moda.

I spent a lot of my time working on my two color quilt.  Nicole came up with the idea early this summer.  It was supposed to be completed in August.  Oh, well…  (I also made Nicole’s Jalapeno Dip.  Try it!!!)  Anyway, the rows of the quilt are all sewn together.  I just need to sew the rows to each other.  It was a lot of taupe and white for a girl that loves color.  I think I’m going to love it though.

I did complete one little project.  When Kid #3 was just 7 years old, he made all the blocks for a baseball quilt.  I grabbed the project tote on the way out the door.  When I took it out to work on it, I found out that he’d even sewn some of the rows together.  He’s quite a perfectionist, so his blocks looked great!

I think I finished this project in less than two hours.  The fabric is vintage baseball stuff by Alexander Henry.  Kid #3 is now 13 and declined my invitation to have his photo taken with his quilt.  I love him anyway.

And in knitting news, there is a project that’s almost done.

And one that’s just begun.

And yes, I had noticed that they’re both Noro.  More soon!

P.S.  The reason there are no photos of the sisters is that we never got out of our pajamas, and we didn’t look very pretty!!!

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5 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. I’m just in awe of your quilting. Some day… some day my time will come… to give it a try.

  2. Do I have to learn to quilt to get my Texas wildflower quilt finished?

  3. If staying in pj’s is what it takes to create such awesomeness, long live flannel!
    I love love love the taupe quilt, and I’m usually a ‘color’ girl, too. There’s just something very sophisticated about that one. Great stuff, as usual!

  4. I am so jealous.
    I have no sisters 😦
    Thank heavens for friends!

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